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There are sexy Chivers among us (28 Photos)

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We asked for sexy Chivettes and y'all responded. Thanks to all the sexy Chivers out there for your support. If you've got what it takes and don't mind our 1 million daily users gawking at you, submit your photo here and collect internet fame.

Chive On!


  • inkandbooze116

    I think I may be in love with number 7 and number 22

  • @rte148

    I'll always make passes at lasses with glasses.

  • Thornaad DarkstormHero Kiim Catapulta

    I love boobs, that's it

  • Dave

    Lovely rears, ladies!

  • yep

    #4. Obviously on the chunky side. Trying for an angle shot to hide it and also wearing something thick.

  • rachel

    im a girl on here and i dont know how they got my picture let alone what a "chivers" girl is…….ha someone sent me this link

    • its_forge

      Soooooooooooo which one's you Raaaaayyyyychel?

  • B-rad

    #4 not only too close but you can see her, i mean what were we all smoking when we thought she was "sexy"?? and #26 not smokin but something about that chick caught my eye, wouldnt mind getting to know her…agree/disagree?????

  • Anon

    #5, the middle one, with the red bow. OMG…

  • jade

    I'm the one of them.hehehe…<3

    Interactive Virtual Tour Specialist

  • shanna_SA

    ha ha bra's are so overated dude…Im #27 … just happy to have my piccy up there so blah

    • Tim


  • Maqdah

    20 is gorgeous.

  • Pap Smear Ribbon

    To quote Craig and Smokey from Friday, "GODDAMN!!!"

  • ryan

    i personally know #20 and she by far the prettiest! and i guarantee alot more bad ass then any of these girls

    • hMMMM

      Blowfish face is not okay – same as duckface.

  • @beoliveiraa

    I'm in love with #16 and #24. Since I don't know who 16 is, South Africa here I come.

  • V.G.

    9, 15, and 16

  • Jerbear

    Would really love to find out what 16's website is…

  • Myranda

    I'm number 9😀

  • Poot

    #26, if you're fat and ugly, just send in a blurry picture. That works. . .

  • Jordan

    Willow, your fucking adorable.
    I think 25 is cute! i cant deny it

  • Thedudeabides

    Number 16 is stunning, are there more photos somewhere?

  • PianoFingers

    #7 , #17, #27 just whow

  • tomasher

    #7 was fantastic but this was overall a very good collection.

    • Anonymous

      Her name is kelsey santos she’s on Facebook she’s #7

  • jdp

    #22 is really cute and looks fun….def a hottie

  • payazo

    is nice, perfect!!! #28

  • Always Last


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