This is Jay Leno’s Garage (63 Photos)

17,000 square feet of the best cars in the world. Unlike most collectors, Jay makes it a point to drive his cars.

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  • rcjaos

    awesome collection, too bad he is a giant douche.

  • transit shawn

    do de do de do Woah #41 that is in his private collection??!!? nice.

  • leno's a hack

    #41 is the best ride in there.

  • yo momma

    #25 is shopped

    • Justin

      Holy shit #25 is lol

  • Kisetsu

    Where is My Citroën SM? ._.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Team CoCo

  • Markus

    I would love to take #41 for a ride

  • passionboxster

    I whish he would invited me, just to take a look !! 🙂

  • Blue Zoo

    F#ck the cars i want the hot chick in pic-41

  • Spiderpig615

    I envy him so much!!!! I would be drag racing every day with every single car in there. Wow!!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Yeah, but is he happy?

  • top dog

    Thats no garage, thats a damn ware house, place is huge!!!! OH.. and some nice cars too. I can't wait till I finish with my 67 skylark.

    • meh

      Who are you, my cousin Vinny? Does it have Pausi traction?

      • top dog

        I'll bet you don't drive, cause you don't know jack about cars.

  • Equalizer

    #61 – How did that car fit on the top of the table?

    • gaboy

      #61 is a scale model of Jay's project car. That thing is powered by a Turbine Engine and I think there was a clip on BBC's Top Gear where he raced a Lear Jet.

  • Viking

    41 and 43. Nothing more to be said.

  • Beau

    This post has cars in it? Where?

  • eGag

    38 is a nice corvair!
    41 look like it could be a bumpy ride. Hopefully the interior isn't worn too much. 😉

  • marshall

    Is it weird that the only thing I want in his collection is the Stanley Steamer?

  • Rusty Saublyd

    #41 has the potential to be the most expensive one of the bunch!

  • TBS in November

    I'd rather drive Coco's '92 Taurus SHO with the wasp nest in the trunk and the non-functional Audiovox car phone than any of these knowing this spineless company man's dumpy ass has touched them.

  • HellHathNoFury

    No wonder women marry guys like this. Not for the money…for the cars!

  • heywood

    so much for so little

  • Maynard B.

    Not bad for a guy who's not even good at what he does.

  • randy

    I love driving in convertibles, therefore #41 should be topless!

  • tomasz smoter

    love what you do, you are a true restoration lover , like all the classics, alway learning something new. I live in vancouver canada, currently on disability. I try to attend most car shows and i hpoe one day I can own a classic, still looking for one. you have many fans here at coastal in vancouver,
    we aare a world apart but you bring us joy and enthiiasm of yoour classic car show.
    I can trade you my antique book collection for a classic, of course if its possible.

    thank you for you uplifting spirit, we need her in vancouver mental health at coastal. Many friends wish you well and drive safly

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    theTHROTTLE: Photos of Jay Leno’s garage : theTHROTTLE

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