Chivers, send us your greatest childhood fear right now (100 Photos, Session Closed)

childhood fear 11 Chivers, send us your greatest childhood fear right now (100 Photos, Session Closed)

Alright Chivers, you’re bored at work right now so let’s have a little fun. We all remember that one thing that scared the shit out of us when we were kids, right? So find a photo of it and send it to us right now. If you have any trouble with the link, just email it to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Bob and I are standing by and we’ll post your photo as soon as it comes in. Get a movin’, do it for your country!

Chive On!

Session Closed! Thanks to all the Chivers who participated in this little science experiment. Will do it again next week.

  • ttmab7

    Scary stories to tell in the dark… Those scared the crap outta me. The pictures didn't help, lol.

    Now I'm thinking of all the stories that freaked me out as a kid.

  • Rey

    What is #29?

    • ttmab7

      29 is a photograph by Joshua Hoffine. His website (his name without spaces and a dot com at the end) is full of his horror photography. Very cool stuff.

  • KFlavin

    #93.. The Dark Crystal bird things scared the shit out of me.

  • Natsu

    Dark Crystal(93), both my favorite and one of the scariest from my childhood…

  • WilhelmofCoal

    Who the hell would be afraid of David Bowie?

  • FungusAmungus

    can somebody tell me what 45/82 is? i remember it, but i have no idea where from!

  • greg

    The snakes and sharks would be the scariest thing we would normally encounter – its funny, the monster pictures aren't really scary anymore – they are just irritating. However, if I saw # 48 I
    would say 'hello sir' and run like a dirty ba####rd!
    The pics of our current leaders represent the greatest loss of personal freedom to Americans since our ancestors were persecuted for their faith and fleed to the new world – this represents the greatest true danger to us. Its already happenned in china, cuba, russia, etc – And Failed!

  • Corrinne

    Poltergeist traumatized me. It just so happens I accidentally watched it around 6 years old and I happened to look quite similar to the girl in the movie (long blonde hair, blue eyes). My dad set this thing up where the VCR could be playing up stairs and the movie would play in my room downstairs as well. I wanted to know what they were watching. Bad, bad idea. We also happened to be digging out a pond behind our house (we lived in the middle of nowhere). This movie made me scared of dolls/clowns, not IT.

    Also, it is rated PG. PG my ass!

  • RecklessProcess

    that is one of the most frightening things I will ever see

  • Stephanie

    What is #30 and #69….Especially #30…It's killing me!!!! HELP!!!

    • FungusAmungus

      #30 is "The Penguin" from Batman Returns. And I'm pretty sure 69 is one of the underground monsters from HG Wells' The Time Machine. They're called Morlocks.

  • Stephanie

    #45 and #82 is from the Ewok Adventure 🙂 Scary as hell. Especially the damn spider scene! Ugh! I still can't figure out 30 and 69. SOMEONE HELP MEEEE!!! LOL

    • FungusAmungus

      see my reply above.

  • wtb2612
  • Kattsyn

    Help! What are #38,48,69, & 89. I know I've seen them but I can't name them.

  • plankwalken

    oh memories. not good ones, but memories. MJ, *shudder*

  • nosecohn

    No Sleestaks?

  • @Terragonist

    Dear Chive, thank you for making me feel normal with all my fears. I've always loved Watership Down but… god dammit it's disturbing. Btw, could someone tell be 'bout 95?

    • Kattsyn

      It's The Secret of NIMH (alternatively spelled The Secret of N.I.M.H.) My fav movie to this day!

  • jenzene

    LOL @ Shredder and Nickelback!

  • yepANDnope

    So i just checked out the whole "BEWARE THE WHEELERS" thing on youtube since i had no clue what the reference was, and they scared the s**t out of me NOW!?! Sure am glad i missed that one as a kid.

  • Rayne

    What was 41 from? I recognize it but just can't remember it.

  • Emily

    I'm still afraid of the dark. Seventeen-years-old, and there's still a flashlight by my bed.

  • Gray

    87 was the worst.

  • Anonymus

    I don't get #s 20, 78 and 93, and #s 40 and 66 are just insulting.

  • Kieki

    The crip -shuders- damn i was so damn scared of the shit i use to get under the sofa when it was on :/

  • your mother

    wtf. obama and pelosi. I didn't realize the chive is so right leaning. lame

    • Firstly

      Boohoo. Every stupid media outlet is far left and you're going to complain about the chive? Get a life.

  • Cap'n Beka

    Oh hell – too many memories have slammed back into my brain because of this – especially Watership Down (even the book terrified me and made me cry), Pennywise, Predator, the raptors from Jurassic Park and Poltergeist.

    I wish I'd known about this before submissions ended, 'cause I want to add Slappy (the ventriloquist dummy from Goosebumps), smile.jpg (screw you, internet) and anything written by James Herbert.

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