Imagine waking up next to this (27 Photos)

  • fuzzybeard2016


  • XAV

    17 is the best, with or without it's almost the same

  • Jim

    #8 isn't so bad, before or after.

  • Fuck Yea Anime

    Contacts…. styled after their favorite Anime characters, it gives their eyes the "large doe eye" effect. google it.

  • DAVE


  • Brad

    I'm calling BS, for half of them their eyes get much bigger and they lose the folds over their eyes…


    • neutral

      its called lenses (kind of like what they use in movies? That's right those vampires don't really have red eyes). and eyelid glue.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Eyelid tape. Idiot.

  • Jonathan

    They take off their eyelashes to stick them on later. They eyes aren't getting bigger, they are getting darker around the edges which gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

  • Booya

    Isn't the point of make up to make someone look better by hiding flaws? I think you are just subliminally telling me to never trust Asians Chive.

  • amanda

    How did they get so good at putting on make up?!? Out of necessity, I guess.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Im thinking where is my lawyer and how fast can he file divorce papers cuz this is borderline fraud
    In the words of Private Joker "what do I get for 10 dollars"…..

    I will also take Maggie Q over any of the after pics

  • garp

    ….what manner of witchcraft is this?

  • Arbydol

    Pedophilia anyone? Some of these girls CAN NOT be over 18!

  • gjservers

    LOL booze googles ftw, Although the girls look awesome after they have applied their mud.

  • bsitz

    Is 24 a man? 25 Tila Tequila!

  • Urmom

    ahh.. japanese people can be so ugly and so hot at the same time.. oh btw; bbc, fuck you!

  • FuckYou

    Why do you keep posting pictures of asian girls who do this? White girls do this too, and it's just as bad. Plus, half those girls look good without makeup on anyway so stop hatin.

  • TermOne

    #8 and #14 are the same person
    the joy of make up
    savior of women and desperation of men

  • nouu and all.

  • aassdd

    some of them weren't bad at all , like example number 5

  • annabanana333

    They are wearing special contact lenses that make their eyes look way bigger. I believe they're called "circle contact lenses" and they're fairly controversial.

    Here's a how-to video

  • cara

    sure thing! you could wake up next to her, then put her back in the cradle you robbed her out of!

  • HellHath NoFury

    Admiral Ackbar would be proud.

  • its_forge

    Racist, sexist assholes. Yes, you. They're all cute girls. Yes, they look even cuter with a little makeup and with their eyelids glued back. But they're still pretty young women even without the stupid paint. God I wish this crap would just die.

    • HellHath NoFury

      If it were a white girl post that wouldn't be racist at all. Not even against white girls. Shut up.

      • its_forge

        No but it'd still be sexist. Seriously, the title of this page is "liars in makeup" as if every woman from the beginning of time hasn't worn makeup. Are you calling my mother a liar? Them's fighting words! And then the "imagine waking up next to this," what sexist douche thought that up??

        • HellHath NoFury

          'Imagine waking up next to this' is not sexist. Obviously, a male and female party would be involved. Both sexes are involved with sex. Usually. And yes, women that wear epic amounts of makeup ARE liars. That's not sexist at all. There are liars of both sexes, as well. Men that stuff their pants with socks are liars, and women that cake stuff on their face to look like a different person are also liars. It's good to look good, no doubt. I'm wearing mascara and eyeliner, but I don't look like a totally different person without it. If you're a liar and a fake, that's no one else's fault but your own.

          • McBeastie

            Yes, because the 10th negative all asian post says nothing at all to the true feelings of the "good people" of theChive.
            You're grasping at straws trying to defend them. Imagine waking up next to this..and then showing all asian women is obviously directed at the woman side of the equation. The joke is that the guy got drunk enough to have sex with these women. I know that went over your head, and probably still is, but trust me…the liars they refer to are the women….thus…..sexist.

            • HellHath NoFury

              Yes, because if you call a woman a liar, it's sexist. If you call a group of men liars, it's not. It's not anyone else's fault that these Asian women do this to themselves and advertise it.

              • McBeastie

                It's the whole history of theChive, not just this post. Calling them liars, sea donkeys, and worse and it's always asian women. It's called the big picture, but you go ahead and back them up…it makes you look great.

                • HellHath NoFury

                  And all the Asians that i work with never call me nasty shit when they think I can't understand Mandarin.

                  • McBeastie

                    They probably speak nasty shit about you because you deserve it.

  • Phil

    #24 wins for going from really bad to SUPER FUCKING SEXY

  • china

    gosh where do you guys find these pictures from 0_O

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