Imagine waking up next to this (27 Photos)

  • Lauren

    most of them aren't really that ugly to begin with…

  • Jordan

    Oh my god I’d be tricked so fast

  • slants

    Even still….Asians suck!

  • thatguy

    Its not surgery……..
    They just layer on eye liner to make the eyes look bigger, if you look carefully, the white of the eye is exactly the same size before and after, the dark eye liner just hides imperfections around the eye, and helps make the eye resemble a more western shape.

  • BigDingo

    why are they all asian

  • cmorrison

    I don't know why you guys like chinese women. My husband refuses to watch any porno with any chinese woman in it. They totally turn him (and me) off.

    • McBeastie

      You should really put up a profile pic…I'm sure your picture is somewhere on

  • lewoo3

    # 15 HAS to be a different person in the after!
    and #24 the after is just gorgeous!!!

  • zerolbcool

    those make up artists are really to awsome should be working 4 VOGUE…insane

  • mine

    yet again, ChiveBait

  • meme

    first of all.
    second of all.
    the last one had titties.
    third of all.
    if im out of weed then hard liquor.

  • boo u whore
  • casj

    it's all in the eyes… a deadly combination of 'retina-enlargement' contact lenses, glue/sticky tape on upper eyelids to create double lids, many layers (sometimes up to 4) of fake eyelashes of different functions (e.g. thickening, lengthening, etc.) glued onto their upper & lower eyelids, brilliant eye shadow application techniques & loads of eye liner around the eyes!

  • abc

    sexy chivers are always white. before and after makeup are always asians.

  • Nosoxon83

    Reminds me of the grudge all over again…

  • Viking


  • Greg

    In my younger days, I used to date this really hot half American, half Japonese chick. On the first night that I spent at her house, I discovered the truth. How can they do that? It was magic! She could go from superfine to "ok" in 5 minutes flat.

  • Antonio

    For those of you asking about how their eyes get bigger — optical illusion. They make contacts now that emulate anime eyes.

  • penis

    racist fucks its just asians

  • Pugs

    holy fruck

  • Langolier3000

    still fuck #8 & 22… and the rest of them

    just before they mutate back jajaja

  • john

    Imagine waking up next to a thirteen year old girl? No thanks, fortunately I enjoy good mental health, unlike the fratboy retards that run this site.

  • ArnoldAKiss

    21 Looks kinda wild,she's hot !

  • McBeastie

    Balls is one explanation…I thought maybe "lost a bet" was the real reason.

  • just a reader

    I’m not entirely sure that these are before/after makeup pictures then they are of a new fad sweeping across japan where females are actually getting plastic surgery to make themselves look like anime chicks. They are already using contact lenses that give them the big eyes in day to day use and are now resorting to surgery to finish the look. Chin, nose, cheek, and even some facial expressions are being mimicked to that of anime girls through a series of surgery and surgical implants.

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