Imagine waking up next to this (27 Photos)

  • KYle

    #3 is still nice looking without make up

  • Sav

    Those girls wear some kind of special contact lenses. I saw a girl with small shaped eyes wear one of those, she looked like a fucking devil!!!

  • juggernaut

    "Dear friend,
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    pick up your mouse??? oh those crazy asians….
    I'd bang all those horizontal vagina chicks.

  • screamobaby

    They use false eyelashes to make the eyes look bigger.

  • Gray

    The only downside to asian girls.

  • nerd

    note to self: dont date an asian girl unless i see her without make up first. Or any girl for that matter. fuckin girls with their fuckin make up fooling everyone seriously.

  • hitler

    Proof that asians are the most unattractive race on earth

  • A Blog Named Soo

    The chive is so racist that they can't tell the difference between 2 asian faces. I say this because they double-posted the same pic (#5 and #17). A little editing never hurt, since this list is only composed of 26 individual people.

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  • Diana

    Most of them are children…So … Weird title.
    Anyway their eyes get bigger cause they use Anime Lences (yep…it actually exists…)

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  • Ling
  • holesucker

    I'll take contestant #8, and lmao 20 can be real

  • Sean

    now that's the ugly truth

  • sidestep

    those are not photoshopped, i assure you. eye makeup makes their eyes look bigger. it's cheaper than eye surgery. i've witnessed girls applying makeup and getting the shock of my life after. ALL girls look different with makeup. c'mon, hollywood celebrities do, too.

  • crazySane

    #1 – Fake Eyelashes
    #2 – Mascara
    #3 – good hair cut
    #4 – Asian Eyelid surgery (possibly but I think there's just a lot of makeup going on here)

  • bigdong

    There is a saying, "there is no such thing as an ugly girl, only a lazy one".

    1. they tape their eyelids to make their eyes look bigger
    2. they use eyeshadow to emphasise their eyes
    5. some of them use wigs/hair extensions
    3. they wear coloured contact lenses
    4. they put on fake eyelashes

    PS if you think only asian girls make up like this, think again. Just do some searches about celebrities with and without makeup and plastic surgery.

  • Spidey

    Why the hell would you hook up with any of them in the first place. not one of them look over 14 even with makeup and they are all butt ass ugly too..

  • CuriousReader

    Question? What does chive have against asian women?
    Because and this is just an opinion okay… but …

    • CuriousReader

      then again now I know what the rest of the world thinks. shit who gives a crap anyway this world is just as screwed up as it is.

  • The Complainer

    gosh…. photoshop destroys stuff like that – please keep photoshoped images out of such collections – gets me bored =(

  • Max

    1) they do not all look the same! there are many different face shapes, noses, jawlines, eyes, hairlines, mouths, etc. displayed by the women above! I dont even think all of them are japanese though for the most part they seem to be primarily that and korean perhaps. you people have obviously never met more than one or two asian people in your lives if you think that. maybe you dont have eyes?

    2) These women look fine, even beautiful, before their "transformations". some are better before. The makeup is overdone and they look like barbie dolls. If you'd rather wake up to a plastic inflatable woman—if your preference is that she's nothing but hot air and paint–then I suppose thats your prerogative. I'd personally much rather wake up to a beautiful and natural women like any of the ones shown above…without their makeup.
    Expecting a woman to be perfectly made up all the time is stupid. they usually look better without all the crud covering them up. Its sad how these girls above think they've got to fake-ify themselves to be suitable for dumbasses like you. Its sad that they havent met a real man who can actually see their looks and appreciate them.

    Here's the perfect woman for you.

  • roggi wilkov

    ewwwwwwwwww… asians :

  • George

    24… WOT DA FUK!?

  • Hatch

    #20's before picture kind of looks like that kid from malcom in the middle. dewey I think the name was

  • Weird New Products

    loool… this is make me crazy, how the girl come to be so beauty, can i put my mom over there to be pimped? lolz…

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