Imagine waking up next to this (27 Photos)

  • joe

    well, made in china…..

  • TheCure4Hope

    Alright, there is some bullshit going on, at least with some of them. #12 and #15 change the shape of the chin and nose. I'm saying not the same person… the rest, fine. Those two I'm thinking someone just found a picture of a dude with a similar face shape and threw it in with the rest.

  • Scotty b

    Ahh HA! There So Crafty! I Met a Girl Last week in melbourne, she was smoking! I went back to her place And we shagged, then in the morning she looked Creepy as!, i had to gtfo! and fast, She now thinks we are dating and I already have 26 missed calls.

  • Lars

    #20 I would roll over, see that and think it was gollum and punch it, sending it into next week a little earlier than it had planned.

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