• Snicker

    Chinese guy: KUNG FU TAYMIE!!
    Effeminate (questionably homosexual) guy: hugs and kisses!

    That's how I interpreted this whole scene.

  • Insert Name Here

    Need translation

    • SweetAwesomeness

      he say: "How the fuck you mean to tell me Big Trouble in Little China not best movie ever"!!!!!!!!!

      • Norm

        Hey, I fucking loved that movie…

  • stephen

    Any idea what is being said here? Seems the chinese guy was pissing the german off, but then again we dont know why as we missed the very start

  • http://www.apple.gi Applemancintosh

    Not German, thats a Danish Accent obviously!

  • Ash

    I thought he was very well restrained after that guy tried pulling his face around…!

    Love to know what was being said as well – any translators lurking?

  • ern23

    That's not a "Little Asian" – he's normal sized. And that's not a "Big German" He's normal sized (and possibly Dutch)

  • Peter Chao

    This is in HongKong and the Chinese dude is speaking cantonese. I can't really hear much of the vid but, 0:16-0:18 'you better say something' , 0:36 onwards till the end he keeps repeating 'what are you doing' and the last second is roughly ' Watch you? Let's see about that'. Hope it helps

  • Grodon

    Epic Finger Man. Him & Epic Beard Man should do lunch.

  • dude

    …and stay down!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    regardless of what was said or done, touching of the face equals instant wrath in my book….

  • fasterthanu

    NO touching of the face!

    Man law #22

  • the german

    Deutschland 1 China 0 hahaha

  • Jerry Collins

    Dude, Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

    • Jon

      Pretty sure Asian-American wouldn't work here since it's clearly not in America.

      • Ken

        He's quoting from the film, "The Big Lebowski." If you get the reference, it is quite funny.

        • http://www.southernfriedboredom.blogspot.com Dawgsman81

          Love the Lebowski reference. Any excuse to quote that movie is valid in my book and by far it was the best comment on here. The Dude Abides.

          • sippinator94

            Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon with nail-polish. Fucking amateurs.

            • Jackie Tremain

              The chinaman is not the issue here, Dude. I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003032245637 Tim Benoit

            I am the walrus?

    • Larry

      How about "Chink" instead?

  • stafferty

    Whats did the chubby effeninant man think would happen when taunting a Viking warrior? (I know Vikings aren't German or Dutch, but I cannot come up with better description than Viking)

  • ghfjh

    jesus. you're a bunch of honkies and crackers over there, arent you?

    • Anon

      U mad, racist bro?

    • sander

      and you're an OG nigga, im guessing…

  • Rolis

    i second the lunch between epic bearded man and epic dotch man, i wonder what the conversation would be about. plus the asian dude has issues, you never wanna mess with someone that can know you out with their penis, gosh i thought this was common knowledge from all the public service announcements they do there 😀

  • Nicnac

    my wife confirms that at some point, the chinese man does call the other guy a bastard

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    Damn, man. I wonder what happened in the first place. Seems like that Cantonese is at fault.

  • Miniature China man

    I really wonder what happened before this video. Obviously the "german giant" already pissed the "miniature chinaman" off before this video.

  • Junii

    After he's touched the German guy says "Don't you fucking touch me, do you understand?" He says it in English, he just has an accent.

    • http://www.southernfriedboredom.blogspot.com dawgsman81

      I caught that too. Thick accent though. I think the Asian man got the point. My dog doesn't speak electric fence, but he understands that if he goes near it , he's gonna piss all over himself. Ahh, the power of physical altercation, it bridges the gap in language barriers.

  • Jen


  • Dan

    I heard a Filipino lady in the background saying "go ahead, go ahead, go get him" (to the Caucasian man) She was saying that the white guy was quiet and minding his own business.

  • big bear

    I wonder why the touching of the Asian man's bag happened. Maybe the giant brushed up against it when he got on the train, causing the Asian man to be upset with the Round Eye. Definitely goes to show a good throat grab beats Kung Fu any day.

    • C@b00se

      no because with Kung Fu comes many ways to fuck someone up if they grab you anywhere. That annoying asian guy didn't know Kung Fu, but the german guy deffinitely put the asian guy in a wrist lock(1 of many) after he touched his face. Then came the throat grab

  • Alikese

    I would guess he asked little bag-man to not stand right in front of him, the Hong Kongese guy wouldn't back down so they got into an argument. Then the video starts and the little Asian guy is trying to act tough in front of the train, until he touches to guys face and realizes he might have gone too far.

  • bleh

    the internet, full of racists…interesting how people's personas change when on the internet.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      what you say?!?!? the internet is full of racists?!? holy shit how did this happen?!? i wonder if there is also perverts…and pedophiles…and cheaters….out in the internet too!! how will i ever learn to trust the internet again!!! ahhhhhhhh

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