Operation ‘Throttle Jillian Barberie to 100,000 Twitter followers’ has begun (22 Photos)

Ever since our HOPA Hoax went slightly turbo, I've had the opportunity to crash some pretty cool parties. Last night, Elyse and I scored invites to AOL's Geek Awards. I've been lucky enough to play Kevin Ellis on HBO's 'True Blood' for three seasons and I'm not easily starstuck. But one of last night's honorees was Jillian Barberie, one of the massive crushes of my life.
Many of you know Jillian from Fox News' NFL Pregame but out here in LA we know Jillian as one of the co-hosts of the awesome Good Day LA, a morning show on 'roids.
When we were introduced, I expected Jillian would be cordial to myself and Elyse at least, maybe pose for a photo and head back to the V.I.P. booth. Instead she hung out for a half hour shooting the shit with us even though I'm sure she had much better things to do. Good news though - she's every bit as enchanting in real life as she is on her show.
To the point: Jillian is a Twitter-holic, one of the rare Twitter celebs who actually cares about her followers. Jillian currently has 67,000 followers and it's time to show her some Chive love. We need our 1 million daily Chive users to help catapult Jillian to 100,000 Twitter followers.
Disclaimer: Don't add her because I told you to and don't add her because she's scorching hot. Do it because I don't know anybody else who cares more about her Twitter community than Jillian. Hell, she's pulled over to the side of the 405 Freeway before to respond to her Twitter followers I kid you not. So GO HERE and add Jillian to your list of awesome people, you won't be disappointed.

Add Jillian now. Do it for your country!

  • tommy

    I live in Burbank and I already follow her. The chive didn't mention how smart she actually is, she's a clever girl

  • marx

    :insert comment about how the chive sold out:

    Even though i don't own my own blog or do remotely anything with my life that resembles success 😦

    • yepANDnope


      also, shes not hot.

      • http://www.thechive.com Leo

        To sell out, you have to be anti-establishment in the first place -of which, we're not and we have never hid our pursuit and love of success. This is 'merica, isn't it?
        If you don't mind us "selling out" and enjoying the fruits of our labor and the free content we provide on a daily basis, then kindly stick around and enjoy the ride. If you do mind, well, you'll probably be back tomorrow anyway. Thanks to all our supporters and a big bear hug to all our haters.

  • LiaMMV


  • Rummy54

    sorry chive but SELL OUT


    Christ, get over the sellout shit, people. I remember when Bob Dylan 'sold out' to Victoria's Secret – Mr. anti-establishment himself. And nobody cared. theCHIVE is just a blog and this is still America where people do actually try to get ahead financially, God forbid. So let's all call the chive sellouts and feel better about ourselves despite all the free content they bring us every day.

    • james

      I like the cut of your jib, peter davich

    • Insert Name Here

      fuck you and your free contend

    • aosux

      Damn straight! If you can come and veiw theChive for free then who gives a fuk how they pay to keep it up.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      I cared, but Bob Dylan sold out long before that. he testified in front of congress that he would not have made music if he could no make money from it. Gives a whole new meaning to "protest song."

      Anyways, do some research. the young Bob Dylan actually said that the only commercial he would ever do was victoria's secret. So he really just stood by his word.

  • jezebel

    LOVE Jillian. I met her once on the Santa Monica pier and she took photos with every single member of my huge ass Mexican family.

  • franklin

    I live in Culver City (in LA) and Jillian really doesn't suck

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Hang on, I'm still not down with Elyse!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      *done……no…..actually……yeah, leave that as it is.

  • chrisdg74

    Hot AND completely bat-shit crazy. The perfect combination.

  • BigDingo

    don't…. really….. care….

  • jjhgjh

    Please pass me the butter face

  • pufffdragon

    I didn't know the deputy from True blood runs Chive. You learn new shit here everyday.
    Hate twitter and most social networking, but you gotta love the HOPA girl…and Jillian.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Been a fan of Jillian's foul mouth for many years now from back in the old Howard Stern days…..The raspy voice and the possibility that she could kick your ass at any moment are also pluses….No tweety twit account so cant help there….Is Elyse on the payroll yet?? Been watching TB since the beginning and i had no idea John….Bastard

  • Nicnac

    ~that's no woman, that's a man, man~

  • gaboy

    Am I the only one that thinks she has no ass at all? She's still hot and pretty smart.

  • Alex

    I've seen a couple of good pictures of her (none of these fit the bill), but 99 percent of the time, she looks like a lizard. And she wears makeup like a ten-year old playing with mommy's makeup for the first time. Too much makeup is one thing. Looking like you got painted by drunk, blind clowns is another.

  • Snicker

    She looks like Celine Dion.

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    Why does this attention whore need our help?
    Chive-OFF, beeyotch

  • Jimmy

    Why are all you getting mad about Chive getting popular? I would like to see one valid response to that question, and none of that "fuck mainstream. I'm so anti-social and cool that I only like things only a few million people have heard of instead of, 5 million people." TheChive is a business, business needs publicity and advertising to stay alive and be successful. So stop crying about "selling out" and be happy that the website is actually here.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Its not chive getting popular. Its chive trying to con us into supporting a wanker.

  • MarkAssBuster

    Damn, chivers being harsh to chive… eh. Much props to you John with the recent success! good luck for the future as well.

    Jillian Barbarie is fucking awesome & hot. Not sure which one she is more. One of my favorite celebs, especially after her appearances on Howard Stern. Love how she is a dirty freak & open about it. SEXY!!!!

    … i dont have twitter thou. so no help here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1379875532 Lisa Martin

    Don't forget to add, he's not hard to look at. :p LOL 😉 And he's actually a pretty nice guy…at least in e-mail responses. And he loves their sisters. And his little avatar with the rainbow unicorn is just pretty funny too. Goofy guy. :p

  • Htownpunk

    Twitter is lame. I don't have the time to give a shit about what some "celebrity" is doing with every second of every day; just as I have enough sense and respect for others not to bore them to death with my trivial daily tasks. "Hey everybody, I just took a shit"……….."I'm now wiping my ass"………."Now I'm washing my hands"………etc., etc. FUCKING STUPID.

    • Beavs

      Here Here! And incidentally, here's to you washing your hands.

    • 'Merica


  • Azrrael

    I'm glad the chive is getting so much attention! Chive ON! Jillian is not that hot thou…i'd rather prefer a las del clima mexicanas!

  • Kirbster

    Meh, not saying she's ugly at all, but she's also not even close to the hottest celeb chick out there.

    Would still hit it though.

  • C-man

    Let the star fucking begin. You used to be cool.

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