Operation ‘Throttle Jillian Barberie to 100,000 Twitter followers’ has begun (22 Photos)

Ever since our HOPA Hoax went slightly turbo, I've had the opportunity to crash some pretty cool parties. Last night, Elyse and I scored invites to AOL's Geek Awards. I've been lucky enough to play Kevin Ellis on HBO's 'True Blood' for three seasons and I'm not easily starstuck. But one of last night's honorees was Jillian Barberie, one of the massive crushes of my life.
Many of you know Jillian from Fox News' NFL Pregame but out here in LA we know Jillian as one of the co-hosts of the awesome Good Day LA, a morning show on 'roids.
When we were introduced, I expected Jillian would be cordial to myself and Elyse at least, maybe pose for a photo and head back to the V.I.P. booth. Instead she hung out for a half hour shooting the shit with us even though I'm sure she had much better things to do. Good news though - she's every bit as enchanting in real life as she is on her show.
To the point: Jillian is a Twitter-holic, one of the rare Twitter celebs who actually cares about her followers. Jillian currently has 67,000 followers and it's time to show her some Chive love. We need our 1 million daily Chive users to help catapult Jillian to 100,000 Twitter followers.
Disclaimer: Don't add her because I told you to and don't add her because she's scorching hot. Do it because I don't know anybody else who cares more about her Twitter community than Jillian. Hell, she's pulled over to the side of the 405 Freeway before to respond to her Twitter followers I kid you not. So GO HERE and add Jillian to your list of awesome people, you won't be disappointed.

Add Jillian now. Do it for your country!

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