Operation ‘Throttle Jillian Barberie to 100,000 Twitter followers’ has begun (22 Photos)

Ever since our HOPA Hoax went slightly turbo, I've had the opportunity to crash some pretty cool parties. Last night, Elyse and I scored invites to AOL's Geek Awards. I've been lucky enough to play Kevin Ellis on HBO's 'True Blood' for three seasons and I'm not easily starstuck. But one of last night's honorees was Jillian Barberie, one of the massive crushes of my life.
Many of you know Jillian from Fox News' NFL Pregame but out here in LA we know Jillian as one of the co-hosts of the awesome Good Day LA, a morning show on 'roids.
When we were introduced, I expected Jillian would be cordial to myself and Elyse at least, maybe pose for a photo and head back to the V.I.P. booth. Instead she hung out for a half hour shooting the shit with us even though I'm sure she had much better things to do. Good news though - she's every bit as enchanting in real life as she is on her show.
To the point: Jillian is a Twitter-holic, one of the rare Twitter celebs who actually cares about her followers. Jillian currently has 67,000 followers and it's time to show her some Chive love. We need our 1 million daily Chive users to help catapult Jillian to 100,000 Twitter followers.
Disclaimer: Don't add her because I told you to and don't add her because she's scorching hot. Do it because I don't know anybody else who cares more about her Twitter community than Jillian. Hell, she's pulled over to the side of the 405 Freeway before to respond to her Twitter followers I kid you not. So GO HERE and add Jillian to your list of awesome people, you won't be disappointed.

Add Jillian now. Do it for your country!

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    I grew up in LA and absolutely despise Jillian. fuck you chive. fuck you very much.

  • Silent Bob

    You guys know that throttle has meanings other than 'that bit on the car that makes it go', right?

  • Slapface 3000

    Fake boobs, no ass, deep Barry White voice….I'll pass.

  • zach

    I've met Jillian a dozen times and have found her a vapid, insecure, attention-whore who wanted to be famous at all costs.

    I remember one glorious moment at an event to raise money for a no-kill dog rescue (a worthy cause, not doubt) when Matt Lablanc from Friends unexpectedly showed up. Being as how he was the most famous person there by far, Jill raced over to him, latched onto his arm and talked his ear off for hours in what can only be described as a pathetic attempt at star f***ing. As the night progressed and it became clear that she wasn't gonna get anywhere, the alcohol got the better of her and she retired to the outside porch to spew the contents of her well-toned gut out onto the pavement.

    And the best part? The best part was that the event was hosted by Linda Blair who took pity on poor Jillian and tried to stand between her and any photographers. That's right kid, I got to watch while Jill spewed vodka and The Exorcist held her hair. Fantastic.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Hmm….resemblance to a non tattooed version of Janine Lindemulder????

  • Mugsie

    I'd still put my penis in her, if you know what I mean

  • tommy wren


  • SweetAwesomeness

    fuck i love waking up to her tits!!! every morning!!! dont miss it!!
    shes gots some huge tits and sometimes has some nice downblouses on the air….

  • John

    Ahhh, its funny that everyone is defending the chive blatently advertising. But then you give this comment the thumbs down.

    Well done

  • Equalizer

    I want more pictures of Elyse

  • Shredrick

    Score another point for Canada !!! We breed 'em good up here 😉

  • Blaze

    She was married to a good friend of mine and i didn't like her then. Most narcissistic person I've met. Sorry, Chive love you but can't support her.

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  • Hater

    NOT hot. NOT smart. Her voice sounds like a dude. Plus, all these photos are pre-NUTRI-SYSTEMS. The Chive sucks lately.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    She could win two staring contests at a time.

  • top dog

    Look, most of you don't even know what a sell out is. Doing what you do best and making money from it is not a sell out, thats the American way. Sitting on your lazy ass and expecting mommy and daddy to pay your way through life is a sell out. Now…."get a hair cut and get a real job" Hehehehehahahaha!!!!

  • Always Last


  • Bill

    I know her, from Hamilton Ontario,
    such a nasty big mouthed B, when she spoke, it was a complete turn off,
    I'm actually surprised she lasted so long in hollywood.

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    Operation get Jillian Barberie 100,000 twitter followers : theCHIVE

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