Photos that made my morning (34 Photos)

  • Sups


    • fasterthanu


  • Rob

    wwwooooo @25

  • Rob

    shit I ment 24 😛

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Consider no.3 now seen by everyone.

    Shop it again or GTFO.

    Same goes for 26.

    As for 24…………

  • Adde

    #6 It's still a DWI, even if you aren't driving a car.

  • Durant

    Perhaps the chive can move their watermark on occasion. It would make it possible to actually read the punch line on #23 then…..

    • Dane Wolfgang

      sigh u would think they lookied at what they posted….but hey every1's not perfect CHIVE ON!!! lol

  • chrisdg74

    #11 is just wrong.

    • Slappy

      I agree, cruel. Made me feel uncomfortable. 😦

  • @100window

    If nintendo what?!! IF NINTENDO WHATT!!!???!!

    • emc2

      Yep, not only this website steal almost all its images from other without give us original source but they also ruin theses images with their fucking logo…
      Original image… via

      But there is another intermediate for this one as it's without caption.

    • GreenerBlues

      Fight Club

    • HellHath NoFury

      They blocked out the text because of Rule #1. You don't talk about Fi…*dies*

  • BigDingo

    a few oldies, but some quality pics all and all

  • Beldar

    #20 made me laugh harder then I have in quite some time. Holy shit!!

    • Lisa Martin

      Oh yes…those guys were the bomb back in the day. Some serious manscaping needs to happen now. Wow. And the mullets…long live the mullet. 😛 {facepalm}

  • Homesteader

    #21 must be M.C. Escher's bathroom…

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    23, Nintendo Fight Club…..What would Mario Durden do???? Project Mayhem would be pretty damn interesting…

  • P-90

    #7 Dynamite abs.

  • Equalizer

    #20 – far right – Chuck Norris?

  • Ken

    #7 might be the worst tattoo I've seen.

    #14: Now I know where to go. My ass hair is tousled and could use a new coiffure!

  • Nicnac

    #5 Lego Inception … cool.

    #24 Silly Woman, that's not where babies come from.

  • isawoj

    #7 looks like he has skid marks under his belly button.

  • doinher

    7 = genius; 9, 14, 15, 22 and 28 = awesome. 24- the headphones will never be usable again.

  • lame

    pretty sure I saw every single one of these a couple of months ago?? anyone anyone?

  • HellHath NoFury

    28-I'm so getting married.

  • merrypranxter

    as the orion slave girl in picture #18, i have to say… i'm glad i could make your day 🙂 although it's a little weird to see one of my own flickr photos with someone else's logo stamped on the bottom…

  • el Rayo

    #7 Retarded? I think so.

  • poops mcgee

    hey chive, move (or better yet, REmove) that dick damn watermark. I come here for my daily dose of funny pictures because its the chive. I know its the chive, i clicked the bookmark "the chive" on my browser. You dont have to ruin a funny picture to remind me that im on the chive.

  • poops mcgee


  • Briana

    Does someone know what 23 says?
    that damn watermark should be movable.

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