Um dude, yer doin it wrong (18 photos)

  • Thisguy


    • Gandalf..


  • thisotherguy


  • thisdude

    hey guys

  • LiaMMV

    House rides a motorcycle and he's handicapped…

  • Beau

    #8 would mean that he's not compatible with any of his other superhero friends, and is overpriced for what he's able to do. Poor ironman.

    • Nicnac

      Not compatible? Tried running OSX on your PC at native speeds lately?

      Agree with you on the price though.

  • chrisdg74

    #7 – What's next? Giving shout-outs at funerals? Jeez Louise.

    • Beldar

      I'm just waiting for her to rise up and slap the shit out homey.

      • Kjell King

        He looks kind of like Mars from the old Air Jordan commercials

  • IgorPK

    #1… That's a South African filling station, FTW! 🙂

    • BKKJay

      Thats not a South African gas station. Its in Dao Khanong, BKK, Thailand on Phra Rama 2, right at the entrance to the motorway. I used to stop there on an almost daily basis. Also, the pic of the guy on the bamboo ladder painting the building, is in Pattaya City, Thailand, where I also used to live lol. They will build the entire scaffolding for a 20 story building out of bamboo, so thats a pretty common sight.

  • Beldar

    #17….Definitely members of the Union for Groundskeepers.

  • BigDingo

    8 and10 seem pretty win to me

  • stafferty

    I saw #1 and thought of the gas station in Dumb and Dumber

  • Bud Ugly

    Yeah, 8 and 10 seem cool enough. Not sure why they're wrong…

    • Randy

      Those your skis? Both of them?

      • Randy


  • Ryan Hansen

    You guys should do some research on the "Fagbug". After you know the story behind it, you'll find she's doing it right.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    7 needs a good ol fashion ass kickin for that pic….

  • William Wrigley

    #17 – they water down the infiled dirt to keep the dust down, you assholes. Chive FAIL

    • James

      Good call Einstein, but the fail lies in the fact they are taking about 8 people to do a 1 person job.

  • Lisa Martin

    The camera guy in 5 is the only one doin' it right. Did y'all see what they're takin' a picture of?!? THAT dude is doin' it wrong. Yikes.

  • pookie

    Most of these were, in fact, not "doin it wrong." Good job, Chive.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    13, and to think i sold my motorcycle after my first daughter was born…

  • mattythegooch

    #3 – The Polish NAVY is installing a screendoor on their Submarine!! ZING!

  • Equalizer is now my favorite website…

  • Ken

    #7: Oh no he didn't!

    Will fagbug decrease or increase anti-gay hate crimes?

  • Randy


  • -stalker

    These were terrible. Half of these weren’t even fails.

  • Poople » Yer doin’ it wrong.

    […] here for more. […]

  • kikiklass

    that's what she said

    sorry, i just couldn't resist.

  • LoachGunner

    #13 Handicap plate on the motorcycle. A friend of mine had lung cancer and one lung removed. He was 65 years old and had a really tough time breathing especially if he had to walk any distance. So he had a handicap plate for his Yamaha. Just cause you're on a motorcycle doesn't mean you're not handicapped. shows equipment for disabled riders. Find out the reason before slamming someone for it.

    • Beau

      Way to end the comment post on a downer, man.

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