Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • Not again

    Awesomely random…

  • todd

    you've officially gotten the last word in, Brian. well done

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1379875532 Lisa Martin

      You've also probably fucked her for the last time. 😦 Bummer. Or maybe she'll go the other way and pick another fight so you'll do it again! 🙂

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

        Her tramp stamp means she probably won't miss his fucking at all.

        • CPO_Mendez

          Brian… I'm sorry to have to tell you this… She's cheating on you.

    • Chuck

      hey i recognize that tramp stamp… sorry dude

  • Vihni

    #5 Will never get a #34

  • Not again

    Looks like I need to help #30 with her balance…..

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    Really chuckled at #27

  • nathan

    she is going to beat the shit out of you brian… but well played sir

  • Beau

    #30 has one hell of a bust to waist ratio going. Good lord.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      Be good, Beau…oh wait. Let's talk about it together!

      • CPO_Mendez

        I um… wow… If that's not shopped than I've been gobbsmacked!

    • Gandalf..

      Good Lord Gaga….

  • chrisdg74

    15 – Will you marry me?

  • chrisdg74

    25 – Sasha Grey. meh

  • chrisdg74

    Megan Fox should develop a habit of wearing NO clothes.

  • lomi

    the pokemon thing was awesome! #7 made me laugh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/schizoronialfredo Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    #20 honestly scares the hell out of me.

    #5 and #24 are awesome though.

  • erin

    The popeyes in long beach … All our Dominoes are like that too

    • Andy

      Anyone surprised by #11 probably doesn't spend much time in inner cities.

      • Nateb123

        Or maybe just the United States of "Put your hands up and gimme the fucking money". Seriously, that shit doesn't happen in the civilized world.

    • What.What. In da ..

      Dominos is actually good now

  • Number 5's Crush

    Your Ditto is only level 59!? Hell no!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury


  • partly

    I'd date #15, but not seriously

  • donald

    sorry, Tabby darlin'

  • Cudaman

    its from blowing so many cawks, would be my guess

  • Mike

    Dear Brian, I have better pics of Tabitha……And she's not waitressing at night either…sorry

  • kikiklass

    @19 {shudders} Sooo gross. Makes me feel wierd, and NOT in a good way. I'll probably have nightmares tonight.

    • CPO_Mendez

      Yeah… I think we've found the manliest man in the known world… he has testicles in his Biceps…

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    I must wish Pterodactyl penetration to my next foe

    Dear Adrienne Curry: Please just stop…You are married to a Brady and your not hot

    • makeitraincocksauce

      Adrienne Curry not hot? Bro, are you the gentleman that's dual fisting the mini dickmanns in # 17….if so, I can totally understand that rather idiotic and rather blatantly homosexual remark you just made in regards to Adrienne. In that case, I and every other real man on earth can forgive you…we may not ever understand why you like the cock, but we understand how you could think a fine POA like Adrienne isn't hot. You do after all, lika the way the dick taste……….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    28-I know you're used to throwing up every time you eat, but don't get so drunk that you forget to do it in the bathroom.
    Drawing Eyebrows With a Jumbo Sharpie for Dummies.
    Capitol Hill FTW!
    I never thought of getting the venison to come to me…

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Mr receiver of raining "cocksauce" please remove said "cocksauce" from your eyes and take another look at 29…..If your can get a chubby looking at that buzzard then you are clearly having a rough time or you are a pubescent teen still looking for a cherry…..If it is the latter please do your parents a favor and burn the tubesocks under your bed cuz the only place you have been making it "rain" is in those socks..

    • http://twitter.com/Terragonist @Terragonist

      The one on the right looks like Rumer Willis, but that's probably just the way I want to see it.

      • Beldar

        The one on the left looks like Britney Spears.

  • makeitraincocksauce

    If I were Megan Fox's step son, I'd never let those shirts get washed again and I'd let my friends and their dads, sniff the inside of my shirts for $5 a sniff and get a lick in the nip areas for $10 a lick!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=520615449 Tato Ventura

      creepy, but marketing wise.

      • CPO_Mendez

        Agreed… Grosses me out to know that people would probably pay twice that to lick the nipple area…

  • http://metalcool36.wordpress.com metalcool36

    That entire family is raping their own mouths via mini dickmans… What is this world coming to?

  • omg

    moar # 30?? please??

  • Andrew

    #25 Sasha Grey learning to take all 3 like a champ

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