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  • whatsmyhouse


  • Lisa Martin

    2, 41 & 45…y'all rock. 😉 Thanks for making me lol. 😉

  • What.What. In da ..

    35 probably isn't a typo

    • MattW

      lol, it is. The chinese actually means exploded chicken. but living in China for some time now, I have never tried anything like that.

  • What.What. In da ..

    Number 3 is effed up and far from funny you p.o.s.

    • fred


  • Gordon of Hesselink

    water temple image on biggest fears gallery was the week best pic for gods sake. it brought me hours and hours of memories

  • unfairrobot

    #43 = still delicious.

  • metalcool36

    #41… I wonder what the babies will look like

  • Guesty Guesterson

    Stop being gay, #3 is funny. everyone is so sensitive these days, effing crybabies.

    good group, good mix

    • What.What. In da ..

      I hope you develop leukemia one day so I can tell you to stop being sensitive pussy

  • CaptainHammer

    …HOPA? hot of ass piece?

    • HellHath NoFury

      Hot Of Piece Ass

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        Do an anagram search for Hot Piece of Ass… will LOL

      • CPO_Mendez

        That you are… wait shit Cancel button canc..

    • Hubble

      Guess you didn't see any of those posts…?

  • Lapo

    #16 is a t-shirt from Threadless named "A simple plan":

    • CPO_Mendez

      And a glorious shirt it is.

  • barn lights

    #44: poor little one was stuck on the tree. Tsk2!

  • LiaMMV

    HOPA is going to have a serious case of Geena Davis face when she gets older. It's not going to look pretty.

  • man man

    #36 FTW!

    Interesting to call one of the owners of the chive an idiot on his own site. Somebody at the site trying to do their version of dry-erase board epic quit?

    • Beau

      Really? You think they have such big ego's that they would take something like that personally, instead of just laughing it off and calling each other idiots? That'd be a crappy sense of humor. Give them some more credit than that.

      • man man

        that's what she said.

        • Stevo

          that's what she said fail there kid.

    • Lisa Martin

      Man man, you ever talk to John via e-mail? He's one of the nicest most humble dudes I've ever hollered at. Doesn't take himself seriously. Besides, if he'd put something like HOPA over himself, what would that have suggested? 1. Conceited 2. He wants to be used for sex. Not that 2 is wrong or bad…lol

      • HellHath NoFury

        True dat, yo. What i like about this site is that they really make time for we peasants, instead of like others who ask people to Submit to them *in more ways than you'd like to know* and then exploit the hell out of your stuff without any grateful recognition. And it's not like John and Leo are just sitting around doing nothing, so it's taking time out for people.

      • man man

        Why so serious?

        I haven't emailed anyone from the site at any time, and don't plan to. Nothing personal, just seems unnecessary like everyone reading so much into my comment. I, like most Chivers, come here for hilarious photos and whatnot – not to link things to my facebook and make personal contacts. No need to fly to the rescue of the authors on the site Lisa, no insults were fired at anyone and we can both agree that theChive is the shit. Which by extension would infer that the people that run the place also must be pretty cool.

        Good enough. Chive on, everybody. It's Saturday. Get off the interwebs and get your party on good people!

        • HellHath NoFury

          Who do you think runs the world on the weekends? People that work.

          • man man

            If you're going to come boxing, bring some real gloves, HHNF.

            Check out the band Man Man, and drop the elitist BS.

            X: End Communication.

            • HellHath NoFury

              I'm sorry, what was that about not coming here to promote yourself? And yet here you are promoting your band. You elitist narcissist. Meet me at the shipyard any day and try to do my job. That would require getting your pretty boy-band body fucked up.

              • man man

                I'm not in Man Man, they rock and you should listen to them. Good enough?

                I sincerely hope your medical insurance covers the many Chill pills you need to take.

                • HellHath NoFury

                  You're really promoting a band you're not in, and thinking I will follow your advice after you were so condescending and juvenile. Amazing. I'm a maso and would love to do whatever some asshole tells me. *snerk.

                  • CPO_Mendez

                    …and win. I'm sorry man man, but if you would like to promote your band you are doing it in a piss poor way. If you want to spread the word, It's usually a good idea to make a good impression first. Which you have failed to do. This would be the best time to bow out and save some grace.

            • Lisa Martin

              ROFLMAOOOOOOO@a man…ANY man…thinking he can "X: End Communication" with a woman…LOLLLLLLLLLLL

              Oh that's funny. Oye. God bless your little heart man man. Thanks for the giggles.

              • HellHath NoFury

                When they turn tail and run like that, they act as if they are 'ending communication' so as to be the 'bigger person', when in actuality, they realize they aren't talking to a doe-eyed, hair-flipping idiot, such as their class.

                • CPO_Mendez

                  Being a Man (capitalized for a reason) I know Lisa and HHNF are not blowing smoke… That is a sure fire way to extend the conversation with a VERY upset lady.

  • Beau

    #10… too soon?

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Pizza delivery stops for no one!!!

  • Wil

    Um………….. isnt it HPOA????

  • ArnoldAKiss

    Why the f**k would anyone call him an idiot?
    Or is it just a inner joke I didn't get?

    • CPO_Mendez

      Simply JK's 😀

    • adg

      an inner joke, or simply the truth?

  • HellHath NoFury

    13- Just another day at work.

    • Beau

      WHERE is all this WATER coming from? This sponge is just not going to cut it.

      • CPO_Mendez

        I don't think he understood the whole needing air while submerged thing… At that time I believe he should have been back inside about five minutes ago…

  • Stevo

    #13 – 'Consuela, can you clean it later?'

  • Stevo

    #43 – Hi attention whore! xoxo

  • is.

    the funny thing about 44 is not the baby but the person in the corner laughing

  • foolofatook

    #10 Memphis representin! Grew up there, you could do a whole piece on it's stupidity!

  • Cudaman

    I thought it was HPOA? But then speaking like Yoda and saying hop of piece ass is funny. /shrug

    • Cudaman

      lol's was supposed to say hot, not hop. spell fail

  • man man

    In retrospect, #43 FTW!

  • Nateb123

    It's downright spooky how much HOPA #1 looks like my ex. She even has the same glasses!

  • Canucker

    #10 has been around for months, I'm pretty sure you guys have posted it multiple times.
    Funny – yes
    Funny enough to repost – no
    and #43 mmmmDiggity!!!

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