Hot Right Now: Celebrities breakdown what it’s like filming sex scenes (25 Photos)

Silly foreigner, Trix are for kids (20 photos)

Don’t worry, we here at theCHIVE make fun of plenty of American’s too –check it out!

  • JGomez

    #5 isnt silly at all, just badass!

  • mikethecarpenter

    loved the last one




      3RD 😦

    • JGomez

      You fail, sir.

  • stafferty

    #2 "Well I don't make fun of how you play Operation. Now shut up,pass the black label, pull out the liver., and DON"T TOUCH THE SIDES!"

  • Leo

    Guys, this post is totally racis, but very funny

  • The Stig

    cool, wasn't #8 on top gear once? it's from the isle of man I think but I could be wrong

    • P-90

      The thought of lanky Clarkson driving the Peel around the BBC building stills make me laugh, especially when he drove behind the newsreader.

  • nathan

    LMAO @ 17. also the fact its in a "foreigner" thread. classic

    • Stephen Humphrey

      well what #8 doing in a foreigners themed one
      oh shit yeah I forgot the internets american so all non american is foreign

  • keithp420


  • Brandon

    I would love to spend a day getting really baked and frolicking at #6.

    • mikeduquet

      The water's always warmer next to Brandon

      • miami

        And sometimes blue

  • McBeastie

    Yes, yes it is.

    • Honkey_Kong

      Thank you McBeastie….The Chive's own resident Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson rolled onto one……

      • HellHath NoFury

        Al Sharpton called, he liked this post.

        • Miami

          They have phones at Renta Center now?

          • nouu

            the accusation of racism has been so beat to death it has no meaning any longer….good going libs you killed one of your most used weapons.

      • McBeastie

        Nah, I just don't think the Walmart pics are in the same category. Never said it was a racist post…just a bit xenophobic. I mean, they aren't really foreigners are they?

  • @100window

    Those walmart posts don't specifically make fun of a race they make fun of people who shop at wall mart.

    • Mike

      yes there called walmartians

  • Buffet

    What is up with those little heathen bastards? They must have 'Shitto' for brains.

  • jamie

    # 15 is in San Ysidro Caif just North of TJ. illegal aliens have a tendancy to bail out of there cars and run across 5 lanes of traffic!!!

  • jamie

    That was actually # 19 Sorry !!

  • Tuha

    No. 18 is definitely northern Namibia. Look it up.

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