Silly foreigner, Trix are for kids (20 photos)

Don’t worry, we here at theCHIVE make fun of plenty of American’s too –check it out!

  • JGomez

    #5 isnt silly at all, just badass!

  • mikethecarpenter

    loved the last one




      3RD 😦

    • JGomez

      You fail, sir.

  • stafferty

    #2 "Well I don't make fun of how you play Operation. Now shut up,pass the black label, pull out the liver., and DON"T TOUCH THE SIDES!"

  • Leo

    Guys, this post is totally racis, but very funny

  • The Stig

    cool, wasn't #8 on top gear once? it's from the isle of man I think but I could be wrong

    • P-90

      The thought of lanky Clarkson driving the Peel around the BBC building stills make me laugh, especially when he drove behind the newsreader.

  • nathan

    LMAO @ 17. also the fact its in a "foreigner" thread. classic

    • Stephen Humphrey

      well what #8 doing in a foreigners themed one
      oh shit yeah I forgot the internets american so all non american is foreign

  • keithp420


  • Brandon

    I would love to spend a day getting really baked and frolicking at #6.

    • mikeduquet

      The water's always warmer next to Brandon

      • miami

        And sometimes blue

  • McBeastie

    Yes, yes it is.

    • Honkey_Kong

      Thank you McBeastie….The Chive's own resident Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson rolled onto one……

      • HellHath NoFury

        Al Sharpton called, he liked this post.

        • Miami

          They have phones at Renta Center now?

          • nouu

            the accusation of racism has been so beat to death it has no meaning any longer….good going libs you killed one of your most used weapons.

      • McBeastie

        Nah, I just don't think the Walmart pics are in the same category. Never said it was a racist post…just a bit xenophobic. I mean, they aren't really foreigners are they?

  • @100window

    Those walmart posts don't specifically make fun of a race they make fun of people who shop at wall mart.

    • Mike

      yes there called walmartians

  • Buffet

    What is up with those little heathen bastards? They must have 'Shitto' for brains.

  • jamie

    # 15 is in San Ysidro Caif just North of TJ. illegal aliens have a tendancy to bail out of there cars and run across 5 lanes of traffic!!!

  • jamie

    That was actually # 19 Sorry !!

  • Tuha

    No. 18 is definitely northern Namibia. Look it up.

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