• Pants

    Thank you chive for bringing a smile to my face.

  • teachsanjay

    she's really hot! hope I could find a girlfriend like that! haha!

  • adg

    with theChive, it probably isn't!

  • darth

    so you found Nemo 😀

  • Hey ‘The Chive’, What We Really Wanted Was This Chick, Amit Freidman

    […] other day our buddies over at The Chive posted a gallery of a highly requested redhead who goes by the name of, Nemo Valkyrja, who, despite […]

  • Jen

    she is gorgeous.

  • Rachele

    That is gay you had to take her pictures down.
    Whats up with that?

    • Mika

      Because they were not his to post.

  • Lud006


  • Ewww

    Amazing what photoshop and makeup can do. I know this girl, she also goes by Acire Matsumoto, and her name is Erica Henrickson. She has deep purple acne scars all over her face and back, with stained snaggle teeth (which is why she never smiles). She's also anorexic due to years on antidepressants, hence her figure. I don't find it attractive at all!

    • Lemonade


  • Ewww

    Oh and that *is* in fact a wig.

  • Kawaii Mikiyo

    😀 That's nice 🙂

  • Always Last


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