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    • Beldar

      My thought exactly

  • thomas

    seen a lot of this girl's photos floating around the net ( #30, #43, #1) but didn't know it was the same girl

  • killer


  • portly

    little girls with big racks, a major weakness for me

  • Justin Hall

    …Sexy … cos … cosplay?

    Duz Nt Compute

  • Phil

    Holy shit this girl is sexy and a dork. WANT!

  • dw55

    I need to visit her, Japan is a dark evil place

  • nickelpl8ed

    #19- with guys it's called a wingman. What is the term for a hot chicks butt ugly friend that follows her everywhere?

    • DaddyD

      Butt-Ugly Girl Friend to Entertain Companion's Extra Sidekick


      • nickelpl8ed

        I'm disappointed that I can only "thumbs up" you once.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT


    • Whoops

      Oh my gawd, I thought it was a guy!

    • HellHath NoFury

      HHNF, hahahah!
      *cries in corner

      • bob

        lol what a perfect term definitley using that if needed when the situtation arises haha. You take the HHNF lol

    • Chivemaster

      the cockblocker

    • its_forge

      Bah, the right hair and makeup and she's probably fine, when she's not standing next to a fricking work of art.

    • stlrzfan

      The grenade. As in I, the wingman, took a grenade for my buddy.

      • Laughing

        Awesome comment

    • orion11

      the DUFF is usually the word although her friend isnt really fat, but regardless DUFF, designated ugly fat friend

    • Sham

      They're called a "guard dog"

    • Russ Tavares

      The Grenade.

  • king

    😮 amazing

  • jim bob jones

    This chick is unbearably fuckable.

    • Karl

      Yeah ABSOLUTLY!

  • joe schmo

    @ nickelpl8ed

    DUFF=Designated Ugly Fat Friend

    • nickelpl8ed

      Thank you for clearing that up for me!

  • joeoby

    VERY Fap worthy!

  • Jim

    I need the address in Japan IMMEDIATELY !!!

  • Hilton

    Pure snakes in the head for sure! Those eyes are full of pure evil. But I would love every second of it.

  • gas

    dude FML

  • P-90

    Me likey, me likey a lot.

  • stafferty

    John and Leo,

    Thank you for using your amazing-perveted-multi-national stalking talents to benefits the loyal followers of the Chive. We will praise you names as we continue to be critical of everything HHNF does.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Wut is this….I don't even…

    • Lisa Martin

      Stafferty…my grandma told me that if you don't have something nice to say, you just shut the hell up. Folks in some places say "Well bless your heart."

      Me, I'm a different kinda girl. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Chive on.

      • HellHath NoFury

        Aw, thanks. He just won't get to see all the nudes I was about to send in. We blame you, stafferty.

        • dkbales

          Hate Stafferty, Luv HHNF. Damn you Staff…..

        • bob

          nudes…oh god no, you have saved us all stafferty. well done my man, well done.

  • yo for it

    any nudes??;)

  • garp

    …wtf is with this cosplay shit, grow up….but I do agree she is hot

    • duncan

      grow up? wtf what is oh so awesome about being a dead pan, dull adult that requires you cast aside your love for dressing up as your favorite animated characters? And since when did animation become limited to just children?

      You're the one who seriously needs to grow up, dude.

  • Ainhoa Rigabert

  • Bob

    WOW! If only all only all girls were as sexy. The red hair pictures are the best, number 4 in particular.

  • Jimmy

    gorgeous woman.

  • Mike

    shes got those Jessica Beil lips going on.

  • mils


  • Possum Jones

    You guys are all idiots. The redhead at the top LEFT is NOT Nemo Valkyrja. The redhead at the top LEFT is **Felicia Day**.
    See here: (WIKIPEDIA)

    and also here: (GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH)…

    • for realz

      so, who is the other chick then?

    • its_forge

      AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HA HAAAAAAAAAA when did the eminently lovely, smart and sexy Felicia Day (a) grow a massive bosom and (b) lose most of her fabulous overbite? You sir are a boob. And not a fun perky boob either.

    • Stlrzfan

      That's not Felicia Day.

    • Nicole

      lol you're the idiot, these are of my sister, and that most certainly IS a photo of her,

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