• Alaska Yellow Pages

    She's so hot!!!! She doesn't look like a Japanese at all. In her cosplay makeup she has a resemblance with Barbie.

    • its_forge

      Except Barbie has no nose at all, and this woman's got a perfect and adorable nose.

  • JustOne

    Expressionistically delicious. Bravo on your talents beautiful. (Lets assume she'll read this) *wink

  • masangalk

    umm… epic fail. Thechive did not find these, but simply took them from another gallery at a different site… ( to be precise) but i guess thats how they roll…

    • its_forge

      Well, it doesn't alter the fact that she showed up in a previous pictorial and that TheChive found the new pictorial with more pictures of the same girl, even if they did find it in its entirety on another site. Besides eh, who cares, lookit the pretty girl.


    another girl i would trade half a sandwich for

  • Kent

    She's an American from Seattle, Washington.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Holy sharts, I'm breathing her air!

  • hmm

    I'm in love… wowwwwwww

  • pookie

    God. Damn.

  • jt jt

    she is a Goddess!!

  • Anonymous


  • lolercoaster

    Holy crap a Yuna cosplay chick who's that sexy? Oh boy.

  • Askilladden

    She must do awesome in Japan, she's like a freakin' living manga figure. Those eyes are crazy!

  • David

    the real angle

  • masangalk
    • masangalk

      its link to SAME GALLERY on a dif. website. xD

  • TROY


  • Buffet

    Pale and unimpresssive. NOT a keeper.

  • KYle

    She looks like Cheryl Cole in 14 and 28 😀

  • yeah




  • Nicole

    My little sister is amazing. It's crazy she is on here! Love you Chive, it's nice to see her beauty appreciated for what it really is.

    • Justin

      I'm calling bullshit.

  • Firefighter354

    Cosplay or no cosplay. WOW!

  • Viking

    She's quite a pretty lady.

  • Lizkrieger

    I now for the first time, have a girl crush xP ❤

  • Bring back comedy


  • Viper

    I'm not into cosplay at all but she is damn hot.

  • aw123

    fuck my fucking fuck

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