Emo kids, get over yourselves, suburbia isn’t that bad (25 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    /boringrant/ There was a dude like this where I work, came in first day wearing guyliner, chains, black male polish, piercings everywhere, fishnet shirt, hair everywhere, whining about having to wear a hardhat and glasses. A few weeks later, i saw him again and didn't recognize him at all. Sunny, lovely, washed, acting like a human being! What was his secret, we all wanted to know! HARD WORK, that's what. When you're not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and people aren't giving you attention for being a special effing snowflake because they're too busy working, the drama-queen act drops with a quickness. He found out he could get more attention at work but *gasp* WORKING!!! People with goals and responsibilities don't pull this shit, save for a rare exhibitionist party.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      If all else fails tie em to a beam and powerwash the depression right out of them….They may whine for a while in that case duct tape works well…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

        Pressure washer? Check.
        100 gallon bleach tank? Check.

    • FireFighter354

      Hooyah! i watch that same kind of transformation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

        I see you have a Real Job as well.

    • Big Los

      Writing SQL queries at work makes me horribly emo… This cot damned While Loop is killing my inner flower as we speak. 63 million rows of data that needs to be transposed by month is the bane of my existance…life is meaningless.

    • northerner

      I see it a lot in applicants, even those who are pre-screened. The mgrs who interview them say the majority don't have a clue about working and don't really want to work. Those that do get hired, probably 20% quit, some the same day, some within a week or a month. Just can't hack a labor atmosphere. It's a very sad commentary on our society. The society "We The People" have built. Well, sometimes life's a bitch. Duh!? Sounds like HHNF's example had the 'nads and the brains to recognize the decision he had to make and made the right one. Some do. Many don't. They're the ones who wind up the "Nancy Pelosis" and "Harry Reids" of Congress, leading our country further down the tubes demanding more "entitlements" paid for by us working stiff taxpayers. IMHO.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    my main issue with the emo people is that most of the times i cant tell if her is a she or a he.

  • Moi

    Number 2 looks fairly normal. Number 6 is from an advert that you see sometimes in british magazines ie not real. Not that it couldn't be.

    Others are HI-larious

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Mainstream society blames this on music….WTF, I grew up on Pantera, Motorhead, Slayer, Etc….My friends and I never did any of this shit….Blame their damn parents, that what I say….

  • 'Merica

    If they could only see themselves from here. o.0

  • C-man

    OK for the last time, listen up Emos, Scene Kids, Goths, Juggalos, and whatever new label they get for the next group that comes along. You aren't original in any way. By dressing like each other you have already defeated your original purpose. Punks, yes the ones from back in the late 70s and early 80s were original, and they did it as a protest, but not against mini vans and Hannah Miley no talents. Think for yourself, dress yourself, and be who you are, not some copycat polished turd.

  • MigraineBoy

    Let's hope they won't start breeding with hipsters…Hemo's they would be called. Once they cut, they don't stop bleeding.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      So crazy it just might work.

    • Ripley


    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      selective castration…please remember to spay or neuter your emo's

  • Shay

    Pretentious twats

  • blah

    22 is hot id go to jail for that bait

  • Yasmine

    I hate to say it but skinny jeans and hair really do it for me. Omnomnom to #15. Please don't kill me. :S

  • nathan

    emo or not #9 is smoking

  • Phil

    I'd bang #9

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    You like pain? Pliers+piercings.

  • sonnie

    answer to 19: scene kid

  • metalcool36

    Does Anyone have a steamroller?

  • Jim

    I'd cram #'s 4, 5, 9 and 22…….

  • handcheck

    awesome i liek blessthefall… wait… that wasnt the point of this post?

  • chrisdg74

    Fall Out Boy rulez!!! AFI iz awesum!!

    I threw up in my mouth as I typed that.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      your pennance is to listen to Ace of Spades at full volume 5 times….May Lemmy be with you

      • chrisdg74

        Preventive measures already taken. Dose of the Dead Man's Hand, followed by a chaser of Slayer.

  • sander

    the emo culture is the most idiotic conformism ever…. look at the poor people in africa.. THEY have a tough life.. friggin pussies

  • sock puppet

    Shirtless kid in first pic: I want to stab him in the eye.

  • eric

    are you suppose to pronounce "chive" with a K like" Kive" ?

  • dave

    That is pussy whimpy bullshit gey into the real world and stop acting like you are so sad and oppresed fuck go get a job and see what sad and oppresed by the man feels like! inner flower bullshit new age hippies is what they are the next liberal to fuck up the world is all they are!

  • Fedaykin

    Thanks for making projectile vomit all over my laptop Chive.

    • Fedaykin

      Whoops forgot a *me there.

  • Buffet

    Emo? You must me HOMO! Somebody's playin' the skin flute.

  • Stevo

    #16 is the most punchable thing ever.

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