Incredible 3D animal characters make me feel bad about my talent (30 Photos)

These 3D photos and more at Smashingshare.

  • The zombie, Jonathan


  • novillian

    totally ruined the first guys day, HA!

    • strong swimmers

      first blocking epic fail

  • Justin

    #16 is pretty sick

  • stafferty

    I have decided it is a new life goal to acquire a war zebra. I will wear a viking helmet while dressed and a Ninja and the pure awesomeness alone will pillage the country side.

    • femtrooper

      My feelings are similar to yours. Let us form a war zebra cavalry.

      • stafferty

        Why stop there? I am also putting my support behind a grisley bear infantry and a ill-tempered-sea-bass-naval-assault team.

  • Eif

    What bugs me about the peacock is that only male peacocks have that kind of colouration. Females are much duller.

    • Randy

      Maybe that is a male peacock… a gay one.

    • eeep

      reminds me of dating….

  • femtrooper

    That is one bad ass zebra. I have the urge to ride it into battle..

  • 334

    #1 creeps me out. It's like equivalent to a human shaving their skin off..

  • BigDingo


  • is.


    • BobPlant

      yes you are

  • dan

    "Rat" is a HUGE rip-off of "Insanely Twisted Rabbits". I don't know what the policy for links is here, so I won't post one. Search for it, though. So lame.

  • Tyler

    That rat is sweet looking!!

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