• Prianca Makhena

    Wierd things Guys find appealing….

    • top dog

      Camel toes are not wierd, they are magnets….and we are the iron.

    • its_forge

      Women don't enjoy seeing the outline of a man's primary sexual characteristic through his britches? I don't mean always, or on your Uncle Dave, or on that hairy penguin-shaped dude at the beach, but y'know, once in a while on the right dude… seriously?

  • Hartless

    The coveted moose knuckle.. ahhh

  • metalcool36

    And the camels come out to play 🙂

  • Rolis

    this has made my entire day…….i love thechive

  • FartsMcGee

    #13 FTW

  • mattbklyn

    toe jam?

  • wassssaaaa


  • king

    these are the best camel's to ride

  • loving it

    #13…wow…and MOAR!

  • top dog

    Thats like….camel toe city. I want to go there and visit….er, live.

  • C-man

    I'm gonna go with low self-esteem, and an eating disorder. Oh yeah and the whole camel toe thing.

  • Dealer

    They all look like they got kicked in the crotch by a buffalo,



  • HellHath NoFury

    Big vaginas. That's what girls worry about, right? Having big vaginas?

    • top dog

      Very interesting…..hmmmmmmm! Let me ponder this for a little while.

      • northerner

        Very observant young man! You have passed your PhD in Biology! Good show, chap!

  • Jordan


  • dfi


  • Darksoul

    I can't believe gay men gave up on THAT!.

  • Paul @ Sign Brackets

    @ #2 Where's Miranda's camel? Grrr!

    • its_forge

      She's too beautiful and perfect to have toe. Besides any man seeing the outline of her vulva is instantly rendered blind. Orlando Bloom wears special glasses to go to bed with her.

  • KDeesey

    No father figure in their lives…

  • Timber

    Hey but who is that chick on number 4?

  • Bob

    13 looks like it is very hungry.

  • its_forge

    Note Miranda Kerr is too cute, gorgeous and classy to have any camel toe.

  • joker

    my favorite toe, that's whasssup

  • radiodial

    You can read their lips!

  • northerner

    Makes me wonder when I read occasional "discomfort" from the ladies regarding our "cameltoe" moniker applied to their….parts. Do you suppose that there might be a somewhat less presentation of the, um, well….er…labia if, perchance, the "natural foliage" were not….mowed down by wax for some strange desire for "au natural" feeling? I mean, common sense (yes, male common sense…) would dictate that if there were adequate pubic hair…there….there would be less tendency for the nether material to…..conform to the….structure thus….hidden. I know. I'm rambling. Not that I'm complaining about cameltoes. But I do like the presence of at least some….foliage. I like to use my imagination. IMHO.

    • HellHath NoFury

      There is no way I'm stepping in here. This is just too funny.

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