25 “Got Milk” ads that sell far more than milk (25 Photos)

  • meh


    • meh hahahaha

      Really? Just write first so we can give you the appropriate amount of thumbs down you deserve.

  • pingpong

    would they sell as much milk if they put those milk mustaches on dudes?

    • top dog

      Nope. It would probably work in reverse, I'd stop drinking it.

  • Sal

    mmmmm back in the day Yasmine Bleeth

  • dw55

    where are the PETA ads ???? I need some veggie love

    • Jawbone

      Shove a cucumber up your ass then faggot.

  • chrisdg74

    I don't know about milk, but I definitely "got wood".

  • stafferty

    #15 It seems there is a white substance under Lohan's nose. Her PR people should have thought about doing this ad more.

  • sowasred2012

    That one of the chick from The OC (can't remember her name) freaked me right the hell out – that's some serious The Exorcist-head twisting going on there.

  • ROK

    milk makes my bowels explode violently. but i still love it.

  • zym

    The Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift ones make me feel like Chris Hanson's on his way over.

    • chrisdg74

      "Have a seat. What are you doing?"

    • Jon without the h

      Taylor Swift is of age…Miley still has a year. They're both too annoying anyway.

  • Homesteader

    To be completely honest… Something about seeing a milk mustache really doesn't make drinking milk appealing to me.

    I've never really liked these "Got Milk" adds.

  • king

    that isn't milk under lindsey's nose

  • deleted44311

    Is that soy milk?….I'm lactose intolerant

    • pepe

      Lewis Black says that There Is No Soy Milk, Because There Is no Milk Titty, Is There?

  • Beau

    I was thinking to myself… gee… #17 and #18 definitely aren't milk. They prefer the other white sauce… the one that comes in powder form.

  • Equalizer

    #15 – There's something wrong here. She doesn't drink milk, she gulp booze…

  • EricVDM

    What else are they selling??

    • Wing Zero

      … that would be sex, dude. Sex.

  • Semper

    I like Lindsay's–the height of fame. Yep, that's probably about right.

  • Gutterville

    looks like jizz on their mouths

  • Nicnac

    has anyone actually seen milk? It wouldn't leave anything like that on your lip, let alone that white. Milk is SO diluted that's it's almost water.

    • Beau

      I remember seeing a special about how it's some special chemical they put together to make it show that white on their skin.

  • Regan

    that's no milk mustache…hehehe

  • Brandon

    Or a PSA for swallowing…

  • IamWhoIam

    Am i the only the only surprised to see "amanda" in that collection, i'm kinda young and i grew watching the amanda show, thought she went off radar or something then again i dont pay attention to star's lives

  • Alot

    #17 looks slightly exorcist like with the neck

  • Ziggy

    I've seen the Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus posters hanging in schools. That has to be a big hit with the teenage boys.

    It's tough not typing a Billy Ray Cyrus incest joke here.

  • Anon

    Its ads like this that make me hate being lactose intolerant

  • XAV

    It just shows how milk can't be that good for us if they're trying real hard to sexy it up. And it does look like jizz, I would jizz on any of those ladies…

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