If you’re “that rich”, why should’t you have a yacht that flies? (18 Photos)

This insane concept super-yacht created by French interior designer Yelken Octuri, is called “flying boat.” Clever, right? This trimaran sailing yacht has four additional engines, and is 46 meters in length. It also has four masts that turn into wings by clicking on a button. Flying boat consists of two main decks, including the ground floor with a gallery and the main saloon and an upper deck with three cabins. Not bad.

  • meh


    • meh hahahaha

      Are you making "Reserved" the new Douche term for "First"?

      • Hubble

        No, he's sayin' the dragonfly is "reserved" for himself. He called dibs, fool.

        • durp

          ur both wrong. hes saying hes reserving the spot from the douche who would have said first.

  • Motoring SOB


  • dw55

    and if you aren't "that rich" why shouldn't you have a reason to hate your life ??????

  • hamster huey

    interesting idea, ugly, but interesting.
    I wonder how the joints at the bottom of the sails/wings are going to survive the flight….

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Yea well I got an RV and if i floor it on bumpy roads it also flies!!! WHAT

  • Mac

    This thing is going to be so dangerous it's not funny.

  • davey

    this idea will never fly.
    Rich people will just have a heli pad and leave the boat in international waters to avoid taxes.

  • Mike Hawk

    rough seas would rip this in two.

  • Blendercloud

    Anyone remember how long it took them to get the V-22 Osprey to stay in the air? I still wouldn't trust my life in one of those. Too many moving parts. This will have the same fate, but without hundreds of billions of dollars to try to make it work.

  • dink

    I think that may be… CG

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas!!!

  • skeptic

    let me get this straight…. A french interior designer is playing both naval architect and aeronautical engineer? maybe he should stick to drapery.

  • http://antfamous.net Affe

    Cool idea, but that thing would need some serious power to ever get in the air with all that drag. Add in the resistance from taking off from the water, and you might take off 6 miles later.

  • kang bang

    i hope it at least has a stripper pole

  • Howard


    Everyone here needs to google "Yelken Octuri" and go to his website (first link). Just spend a few minutes browsing his "Aircraft of the Future" and…well…his "work" speaks for itself.

  • Dave

    Look at both the pictures of it in the air, same cloud in the same spot but different angle on the boat plane. All these photos look shopped to some extent. This will never work. too big and too much drag to fly

  • Big Jim

    interior designer = decorator with formal training

    They are not engineers, mechanical designers, or the like. These are nothing more than 3-D art renderings in cad software.

  • zerolbcool

    damn it rich people have all the fun………….

  • jjmmtt

    Yeah, that won't fly.

  • showtownman

    Jules Verne. That is all.

  • Shwantz

    Last time I checked, sailboats have large keels to keep the upright in the water. It would be cool if it could turn into a submarine for when it flips over.

  • black27696

    This looks like one of the worst ideas of the modern age. Lets put the weakest part of the craft exactly where the wings are held on. If those sails / wings are function sails, they won't be functional wings. It doesn't work like that. Also, the weight and keel required to make a boat functional and smooth in the water (especially on the ocean) negates the ability for a craft (of that size) to fly properly.

    It looks like a collapsible version of the wright brother's plane with a huge fuselage.

  • Arduouspal

    No Bathroom. Pass.

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