Send us the most awesome thing from your childhood right now (150 Photos, SESSION CLOSED)

Hey Chivers,
You're bored off your ass at work right now so let's have a little fun. Send us that one shiny thing you loved about your childhood right now, it can be anything at all. Bob and I are standing by and we'll post them as soon as they come in. Just use our handy-dandy submit page or if you have any problems use thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Get a movin', do it for your country!

UPDATE: Session closed, thanks to all the Chivers for participating in this lil' science experiment, check back next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    56, Lawn Darts….Poor Dave still wears a helmet 25 years later….

    • Dave

      I can count to potato though and I dont drool as much anymore. thanks Mike!!

  • pukinmofo

    being an adult f*ucking sucks. earthworm jim FTW!

  • Dave Lindsey


  • Dave Lindsey

    #39 This is one of my favorite Disney movies. Favorite quote: Prince John: "Seize the fat one!" I wanted to be Robin Hood, but I grew up looking and being (scarily) like Little John without the fur.
    #57: I *AM* Booger!
    #118: About the same consistency as the crust was back in the '80s.
    #128 Introduced to hardware hacking back in junior high with this. We installed 'off' switches on these for $5/each so they could be played in class without tipping off the teacher.

  • Having Flashbacks

    Great collection!

    What was #78?? I remember doing it, but can't remember at all what it was about.

    Something like you had to guess who put your thumb down, which people could always cheat at by looking at shoes.

    Not sure if that was it.

  • ronnie

    oh to be young.. If we colud just do it all again.. Thanks Chive!

  • @100window

    I love this entire post. And I found "Waldo" in that picture.

  • //no comment

    I still have my My Pet Monster (111). His name is George and he lives in my kid's closet.

  • Shopper

    #51" meet George the unluckiest bear ever..

  • bkfrijoles

    Hell yeah!!!! this is an awesome post

  • ray

    Yes the Spaghettios made it!! I LOVE spaghettios!

  • Unkle Jake

    it's all over once we go up Troy's bucket…

  • Kbees

    Dino Riders were nothing short of amazing.

  • Jay

    you sir! are a fucking dumb-ass! not a dumbass…..but a Dumb – ASS!………Dont listen to him Chive. You've done well!

    • Homesteader

      I'm not even sure what Ralk is saying… Is he saying it was a FAIL because he/she is 12 years old and can only just remember his childhood as an internet verion of "all your base"?

      Also, is this REALLY the first time they've posted a childhood pic post?

  • kikiklass


    best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shwing, Shwing

  • P-90

    Wow I've never felt the need to post so much before.
    #9 I loved the TNMT arcade machine, I know somewhere that still has it alongside the X-Men arcade machine from the last childhood post and the original arcade versions of games like Contra and Robocop.
    #12 Emma has aged much better that the rest of the Spice Girls, she is actually quite sexy now.
    (Had follwoing toys) Porche Game, Mad Balls, G.I Joe, Ghostbusters, Thundercats, TMNT, Dino Riders.
    Monster Squad and Goonies, awesome. (And I've now got that annoying damn tune that they whistle in the Robin Hood film stuck in my head)
    Not only did I have that calculator watch, if I could get away with it I'd wear one now.

  • Ohmyhorde

    Does anyone else remember the Commodore 64 game The Last Ninja. I would have posted that for sure. I had it on TAPE, and can still hum the theme tune. How cool am I?

  • Bojangles

    #93 I had two of those. I think the year was 86 or 87. For a battery powered water gun they didn't shoot good at all. lol Thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen one in ages.

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    Up Up, Down Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start..

    Take your vitamins, and say your prayers… You don't want Hulkamania to run wild on you, brother.

  • Brandon

    Can’t believe that no one took a pic of table top hockey! I don’t have one or I would have summitted it! But contra is such a sick game!

  • NelPit

    Wow… I still have my original Game Boy (And I'm old enough so that It wasn't from my childhood – Sad).

  • Jacki Treehorn

    4 way tie between Phoebe Cates, Artie(the strongest man…in the world!), Blades of Steel, and that picture of stay-puft marshmallow man riding the delorean.

    ok, phoebe cates FTW.

    Wheres Bill and Ted?

  • bubble_rider86

    best,. childhood. ever!!!

  • Chivemaster

    ThunderCats FTFW!

  • Jonathan

    136, what i want to know is how many people looked for waldo before going on to the next pic 🙂

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