Showbiz Pizza’s Rock-afire Explosion band sings Nine Inch Nails and Usher (video)

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Encore! This is downright hilarious, the Rock-afire band singing Usher, Love in This Club (disregard the “Hacking” warning at the beginning of the video -we’re not being hacked)

Long story, short, there’s this dude, Aaron Fechter, who not only owns the Rock-afire explosion, he is a master programmer and choreographer and takes bids to choreograph the Rock-afire to your favorite song (for about $500/minute of song). So if you have a song you want immortalized by rock-afire, click HERE and submit it and raise money to make it happen.
Bonus Fact: Aaron Flecther, the man behind the curtain, also designed the Whac-A-Mole game in 1971.

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