Dude builds strange utopia for homeless cats (18 Photos)

Craig Grant really never wanted cats until his son got a cat named Pepper. Slowly Craig began taking in stray cats, one by one, until he needed a bigger boat so to speak. So Craig bought a tree farm and converted it into a cat sanctuary. He builds ornate houses for all the cats and they are all well-cared for. So what say you, Chivers? Is this kitty overkill or noble awesomeness?


  • http://Remotegardener.com Neoteric

    Just great. Does anyone stop to think of the enviornmental impact of having that high of a concentration of worthless felines in one place? I bet there is not one indiginous animal larger than a racoon within a mile of that place. And I’m sure it smells like a “utopia”, especially after a rainfall.

  • Ziggy

    I would do this if I had the cash. It's very very impressive.

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    […] Dude builds strange utopia for homeless cats (18 Photos) : theCHIVE […]

  • gypsybell

    What he does is totally Awesome and Inspiring.Many Blessings to You.

  • Anonymous

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrreeee !!

  • John Brix

    This guy is my hero – I also take in strays and have built a tree house and a skyway into my home for them, but nothing close to this magnitude. I have just as many if I had more land. God bless you Craig!

  • Midcoaster

    noble awesomeness!

  • Bear

    I like cats, BUT, anything can be overdone. That is an infestation of vermin, kill it with fire!

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