Dude builds strange utopia for homeless cats (18 Photos)

Craig Grant really never wanted cats until his son got a cat named Pepper. Slowly Craig began taking in stray cats, one by one, until he needed a bigger boat so to speak. So Craig bought a tree farm and converted it into a cat sanctuary. He builds ornate houses for all the cats and they are all well-cared for. So what say you, Chivers? Is this kitty overkill or noble awesomeness?


  • Josh

    Noble awesomeness for damn sure

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225207844 Cristi Palincas

      Totally. 😀

    • hMMMM


  • Rick

    That's a lot of Pussy

    • aleXTC

      wow didnt see that one coming

      • stafferty

        Thats what she said

        • blah


          You sir win "thats what she said" prize of the week."

  • http://www.facebook.com/dallas.huybregts Dallas Huybregts

    Bubbles approves

    • Shelia

      lol nice TPB reference

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

      Them are free range kitties!

  • peter

    I'm a cat owner but that last photo there kinda creeped me out I have to admit

    • man man


      Seems like a cool project, although I wouldn't be inclined to visit. He probably should have called the one building 'Kitty Hall' instead though.

    • Nikki

      AGREED. Seeing that many cats in one place is like seeing that many ants in one place: a few are fine, but that many…that's a swarm. Chill up my spine.

      The other photos were precious and funny, but lordy…I hope they're all spayed and neutered!

  • sha shizza

    theres more pussy there then a russian mail order site.

  • BigDingo

    somehow seems less crazy than having them all in your house… good for him

  • 7.62

    Looks like a "target rich environment" to me.

    • hMMMM

      Agreed – hand me an airgun so we can rid the planet of these disgusting, conniving creatures.

      Big cats are okay, not pussies.

  • Lucas

    Bob Barker would not approve unless he's having these things spade or neutered.

    • Jane

      They are all spayed and neutered. The place is called Caboodle Ranch. They also have all their shots!

  • gozer

    I hope he gets them all fixed though.
    They seem quite happy….even eating doughnuts!

    • No1Ass&DickLicker

      I was thinking the same thing. Imagine if not, exponential cat hell in two years.

  • What

    The opportunity to name the building "Kitty Hall" was missed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FightingCorsair Dave Gal

    I bet there's not a rat, mouse, chipmunk or squirrel to be seen anywhere.

  • Northman

    Even though this guy seems to be taking it a little far, at least he's actually caring for all those animals he's taking in. There are so many people who take in strays to "save them" and then they're forced to live in horrible conditions. I hope he's able to keep funding it.

  • stafferty

    does this guy realize that there are thousands of homeless PEOPLE out there who don't have food or shelter? This is like when PETA sent down coach busses to save stray dogs after Katrina when people were still sitting on roofs and huddling together in the Superdome. I want to have something funny so say here, but I am too angry.


    • http://www.thenet.net Amal Seepage

      Nice Troll

    • fdallas

      And what exactly are YOU doing about the thousands of homeless people?

      • stafferty

        I lived out of a car for three weeks. Think about how you would feel, after taking a "bath" in a gas staition men's room, you see a villiage for cats who get fed three times a day.

        • Ken

          That makes you entitled to dictate to others that your cause is the only justified one? I appreciate animal charities because animals were bred by people to be largely helpless and genetically ill equipped to take care of themselves. Then Irresponsible people fail to live up to their end. People, on the other hand, are generally quite fit to take care of themselves but just screw it all up.

          I side with the cat dude on this one. I respect his motives.

          • Miniature China man

            well said…I got nothing but respect for the cat dude.

        • Nec

          Maybe you should have studied harder in school? Just because you are a total f**k up in your own life, what makes what this guy is doing wrong? The only homeless people I feel even remotely bad for are the ones who are mentally ill. If you are lazy, have an addiction, daddy didn't hug you enough etc go to hell and get your s**t together.

          In short if you are not a mentally ill homeless person STFU and go get a job.

          • Klug

            Agreed Nec! Stafferty why don't you try doing something other than bitching about people who r actually trying to make a difference in the world, even if its an over the top almost creepy cat sanctuary. Bottom line, your a complete idiot, and you know what they say, some people know more than you, you should listen to those people.

    • HJT

      Animals are easier to help because of their innocense. You lived in your car why? Lost your job? Have a record? It's much easier to feed and shelter an animal than a stranger. The animal won't kill you or stab you in the back, but the stranger may.

    • ryno

      you're a retard stafferty…..at least he's doing something good. I guess he should build houses for the homeless…. That's like saying fuck you to law enforcement for not ignoring all other crimes and put all the cops on a murder investigation. Some people do what they can. I sympathize with people that have lost everything because of disaster but cmon moron at least he's doing somethinig good. Where most people don't do a fucking thing but worry about themselves…get your head out of your ass moron.

    • Cajun Carrot

      Entitlement Mentality must suck to live with.

    • chewyfetus

      Your complete and utter stupidity is absolutely baffling. Animals have no voice and barely any rights in the human world. How would YOU feel if you weren't homeless but a chicken shoved into a tiny wire cage with 10 others, had your beak cut off so you couldn't defend yourself then never given a peek at the sun and eventually killed so some homeless drunk who is too hopped up on crack to get a job can eat you at a soup kitchen. Or perhaps you think it's okay to let a dog or cat that someone loves dearly to drown in a hurricane, alone, frightened and confused. So let's see….who has it better, a hobo that can find shelter and a job or an animal that is ignored and thrown out like yesterday's garbage? Let the f*cking guy bring some good to the world, we all know it could use some right about now.

    • loudmouthsmom

      FUCK YOU, STAFFERTY!! People like you ruin the world for everyone else. Or maybe you are quite jealous cause your own home isn't this nice. And about PETA, all those animals they picked up for the publicity?? Most of them are probably dead. PETA kills more animals than it saves, and thats a fact.

    • I win You lose

      Oh wow, gotta love how these people here blindly root for the PUSSY as usual! Seems they'd sooner care for some random animal than one of their own. They hate each other and their own miserable existence that much I suppose. Oooh, so selfless, stop consuming earth's resources altogether and just lay down and die then, do the world an actual favor.

      Then this other idiot says something like:

      "Animals are easier to help because of their innocense"

      Which totally nailed it. You're only playing the good samaritan with that attitude, you're not helping anything but your conscience.

      Lastly, vegetarians can suck my fat, meaty cock. Nuff said.

    • bitteralex

      This is Craig Grant's personal decision to contribute how he wants to. People give to what they feel passionate about. It may not always be the highest priority on the scale of world's problems, but not everyone is trying to save the world. But I'm with Ryno on this one- Plenty of people don't do anything for anything or any one. So why are you mad at this guy? If this was some government funded work I could see taking issue with it, but it's not.
      I remember when some legislation was passed in some part of California banning the declawing of cats. Though I am personally opposed to declawing cats, I felt it was bad prioritizing and that the time and money spent on this was wasteful legislation considering the larger problems in the world. But Craig doesn't work for the government doing this. This is some one's personal endeavor.

    • clvNhf

      you need to get your priorities straight!!! this guy is helping the community so he is doing his part!! get a life and troll somewhere else!!

    • sarah

      Some people feel more empathy for animals than humans. I am one of them. People can control their lives and what becomes of themselves. Animals are often the victims of what people are doing to the enviroment or their pets or just plain being irresponsible. Each of us needs to give back to the world where we can. If this man feels like taking care of stray animals is the most rewarding for him, good for him. The truth is, most people who recieve charity act as though they are entitled anyway. His priorities are straight. If you think everyone's priorities should be the same as yours, you are an egomaniac.

    • erin

      love how you have nothing to say back. brat.

    • CYG

      If you lived in a car for three weeks thats your problem ..you let that happened….and FEMA was the one in charged of the humans no PETA…you are so fucking selfish…do you ever think maybe that the situation u were in was caused by you and the humans not by the animals…animals dont ask for much …and humans you give them a little help and they want more and dont know how to appreciate the help ..animals do!! i would an animal ten thousand times than a human…an animal might save my life a human might end it for the fun of it…get your fucking priority straight and ur life too..

  • MoD


    • kikiklass

      from trailer park boys a tv show

    • stlrzfan

      You truly must find out who "bubbles" is. Seriously. Trailer Park Boys. youtubeage

  • Kjellupa

    The local Chinese restaurant has Free Range Cat on the menu

  • Brad

    @stafferty…get a life, If the guy feels good about what he's doing then let him roll with it! It's not costing you anything!!! I do agree with the spay/neuter think…too many strays. These kind of facilities exist in Germany BTW. I've seen a couple "rescues" run by vet clinics.

  • Mike

    I just have one thing to say:

    • wasssssup

      wow… one thing to say and you spell it wrong…


  • http://twitter.com/harum_scarum @harum_scarum

    I love that

  • maynard

    fuggin' nutz

  • Obitoo

    As Bubbles would say, "These are free range kitties."

  • Guest

    Reminds me of Sleepwalkers.

  • big dog

    me and my brothers have 7 dogs and we love what this guy does! we live just down the road and i NEVER have to feed my rottweilers. they go walking 2 times a day and visit the kitty farm on their own. it is a virtual endless supply! good thing too cause dog food is expensive.

    • Christine

      Thats horrible,,,,,,Very

  • markkens

    No bins? Noble awesomeness.

  • Buffet

    Cats are too stinky.

    • Frenchgirl

      So are men ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    Can you imagine the fights and the smell?

    • Ken

      He must buy cat litter by the train load!

    • cdnalor

      I'm thinking of the warm summer nights while trying to sleep with the windows open. Hope he's got ear and nose plugs.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Wouldn't bother me. I'd love to be able to help out there.

    • loudmouthsmom

      In case you didn't notice, dumbass, they are outside, ergo, no smell, and being all fixed, probably little to no fighting. Check your facts, princess, before you open your orthodonticily treated mouth.

      • {clevernamehere}

        In case YOU didn't notice, dumbass, just because urine and feces are outside, does NOT remove the ammonia, methane, and other chemicals from them. And yes, they WILL still stink. Ever drive by cattle stock yards? They are outside, but holy hell does it stink! ANY time you get large numbers of animals together, there WILL be an odor, no matter inside or out.

        Check your facts, douchetard, before opening your presumably orthodonticaly untreated mouth.

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