Dude builds strange utopia for homeless cats (18 Photos)

Craig Grant really never wanted cats until his son got a cat named Pepper. Slowly Craig began taking in stray cats, one by one, until he needed a bigger boat so to speak. So Craig bought a tree farm and converted it into a cat sanctuary. He builds ornate houses for all the cats and they are all well-cared for. So what say you, Chivers? Is this kitty overkill or noble awesomeness?


  • merrrr

    Noble indeed.

  • PrimerGray

    It would be hilarious to drop a pound of catnip in there and see what happens.

  • top dog

    I guess this guy must really love cats.

  • dee oh double gee

    fail.. cats are ugly

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Hopefully he is getting them spayed or neutered….He should start an adoption agency

  • Jen

    cute, but weird. he's probably a lonely old dude.

  • tweety

    I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat

  • billthewelder

    A bit overkill but a noble cause none the less. I wonder how he manages the cost of feeding all of them and the sanitary requirements and if he allows any adoptions of these cats. Such a place like this would be a godsend in my area what with the thousands of animals that are posted for adoption rehoming on craigslist and all of the overloaded rescues and shelters within a 6 hour drive of Virginia Beach.

  • Cajun Carrot

    His army is almost ready.

  • Viking

    Bit insane, but then I'm not a cat guy.

  • Abby

    Fake? I believe someone built a bunch of houses…but that last picture is just the same cats in different positions. Nice photoshop Chive.

  • KPandoraStar

    Moderately insane, but I wholeheartedly approve. Don't forget to spay and neuter, folks.

  • Nicole

    Happy to see a lot of pro-cat people here! as for the dude, wee bit crazy but at least is for a good cause, so good for him!

  • Paul

    I see alot of familiar kitties in there… Its cat heaven..

  • lewoo3

    omg there are so many – does he get the neutered/spayed 1st so they dont keep multiplying?!

  • http://www.goldstarlols.blogspot.com Pinky

    that's my kind of awesomely quirky human.

  • Pyper

    This place is AWESOME, cats do the funniest shit. I have also been to one like this in Richmond, B.C. that has 900 "fixed" kitties

  • Achdesh

    Great, Lovely, WoW! Keep it up!

  • SaineReyon

    I would totally do the same thing if I could. Not just with cats, but with any animal. I already know I'm gonna be the crazy cat lady down the street; the cats' house is gonna be bigger than mine.

  • Serinanth

    Pretty sure he tries to get them spayed and neutered but the man has run into financial issues caring for so many animals, I saw something about this on TV a while ago its pretty insane and kinda Hitchcock but with less feathers.

    Hey stafferty, perhaps hes of the mind that humanity isn't worth saving because of all the angry people in the world.

  • Insert Name Here

    this is fucking awesome. i wonder how much it cost to maintain a place like this

  • JoeBob

    Godsend to see things like this – no cat lover would leave em' un fixed – I hope people are able to see the good he's doing and help him out. People are such a*holes to each other, no wonder he'd rather save this lot, if people were as caring and loving as cat's and dogs – well, we'd all have homes.

  • sander

    obviously just a guy with an obsession for cats… those are all his own cats, there's now way all those cats would live together as they are territorial animals

  • HJC

    The place is called Caboodle Ranch and in the beginning he used all his own money. They are all spayed and neutered and vetted. Most of the cats were dumped by their irresponsible owners etc….there is a website you can visit, There are also volunteers who help out now and the place does not stink.

  • Janet

    Good for him! What goes around, comes around. 😀

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