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  • Lisa Martin

    LMAO@the bouquet bullet…LOL That's just funny. LOL

    Sesame Street rocked. 😉 Thursday has bee brought to you by the letters F & U. 🙂

  • Edip

    #3 Why is the middle child always unloved?

  • SwanDiver

    # 3 just became my favorite GIF of all time.

  • Tony

    I cry foul on number 6. Seems a little staged and unconvincing in terms of both fall and reaction

    • SreyaNotfilc

      Number 6?! How about number 4? That's just horrible.

      • JimJimmity

        Unfortunately #4 wasn't staged. But it's okay cause 4chan found the woman

    • Brandon

      Yes, because all dogs understand when you tell them: "OK boy, I'm about to sit down, and I want you to push out my chair so we can make a funny video and be immortalized on the internet"…

      • Tony

        Yeah, number 4 is all over the press here – she sees nothing wrong with what she did "it's not like it couldn't get out by itself"
        Brandon… I'm not saying that the filming formed part of it but surely it's pretty easy to train a dog to push a chair on command? Unless, of course, it's an old one, I hear it's tough to teach them new things….
        just looks a little too gentle and controlled a descent on the 'victims' behalf and what was being filmed if it wasn't this; a man sitting down with his cereal?

  • w/eeeee

    Head shot biatch!

  • chrisdg74

    Totally LOL'ed at 7 and 11.
    Head shot – 50 points.



  • Alan

    7 happened where I live. They shut down the highway for like 5 hours. The kid lived. Crazy

    • Rachele

      I live around there too! It was horrible! Kid got ejected from the car! I WAS LIKE HUH!?

    • Anon

      Yeah. Poor kid. It's insane!

    • Kjellupa

      One Seattle news station played the Dukes of Hazzard theme in the background while reporting on this. Good stuff!

    • Zach

      I know I live in Xenia and that shit was shut down forever

      • Son of Dad

        Xenia Onatop?

        • Matt

          i saw it on the news. thats just crazy.

  • Top_Cat

    #4, one day you'll end up in a trash can too, head first, bitch

    • fullstory

      Perhaps she is there next door neighbor and the cat has been constantly shitting and pissing near her front doorstep. I am in the same position and i have thought of trapping my neighbors cat and drowning it in the river. This cat got off easy.

      • @100window

        That ain't what happened. It's been in the news loads over here in England. She literally just walked up and dropped it in a bin.

        • fullstory

          Well, then she is more fucked up than my next door neighbors cat.

        • This Is Me

          Yeah, heard about it on the news yesterday (Arkansas); the little girl (to whom the cat belongs) was talking about how friendly the kitty is and how she didn't understand why someone would want to do that. Mean ol' woman; hope she gets some kind of retribution for doing that.

          • CMG

            What makes it even worse was the cat was so friendly and affectionate.

    • highway61

      This happened over here in the UK, she's been caught and people have been hounding her.

  • Benzi

    #4 dirty fucking cat bin bitch. Fuck you Mary Bale from Coventry, may you burn in hell for what you have done

    • Tim

      For goodness sake – it's only a cat!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    8 and 9 should date….AWESOME diving techniques…..

  • Beau

    You mean you guys don't have horse cow goat pancake cookouts? Weird…

    • Homesteader

      The more I look at 10 the funnier it is!


  • FacT

    #3 ."sup bill…"
    "james, get the FUCK outta here"

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #6 lol.Get up ,take a shower,get dressed & order food

  • king

    # 11 fail and #3 and #6 show why dogs are awesome

  • Rachele

    I don't find 7 very funny.
    That is just plain horrible!
    Stupid kid could have killed himself!?

    • keithp420

      um, maybe, don't run from the cops?

  • Mr.D

    Who the fuck is that bitch in the #4??Fucking sick bitch,I really hope she will die soon in a miserable way!

    • Dang

      Yeah, that's appropriate retribution. Speaking of sick bitches…

  • Ken

    #11- Wedding bouquet toss-It's only funny until someone loses an eye. Okay, it's funny even if she did.

    #8- beach flip-I think he was successful in impressing those girls.

    #6- LOL. Man's best friend.

    #7- That crash looks real. Anyone know the deal there?

    #4- I hope that ain't real. Cat says hello and she tosses it? If that's real that is one COLD bitch!

    • Rachele

      Earlier before the crash he was in custody for being in a car with his 15 yr old girlfriend, he 19. But both thier parents said its okay, no chargers were pressed. Then He was speeding when he saw the cop he tried to slow down but lost control hitting the guard rail and flying straight into the bridge median. His car was split in half and he was ejected from the car. He survived but is in critical conditon.

  • kjm

    #4 is a cunt bag, she will get what she deserves.

  • KYle

    #3 'FATALITY'

  • Jeff M

    #11 is great, I think I will add that to my "comment picture" folder under FAIL!

  • Kano

    #4 cat was in the bin for 15 hours b.efore owner found it meewing

  • Max_Pauer

    #7 was a real crash just the other day on I-675 in Beavercreek, OH (right down the street where I live). The camera footage was from an actual cop car that the kid was trying to pass on the shoulder. He was going about 100 MPH and was intoxicated (huge surprise)…at about 7:00 AM. He's still in critical condition.

    • Ken

      How fortunate that he hit the overpass support instead of flying into on-coming traffic. Had he done so, there would have been deaths for sure.

      • Rachele

        He wasn't drunk.
        He just got out of custody right before that crash.
        He was speeding then lost control slowing down after seeing the cop.
        Hit the guard rail and went airborne.

  • mike

    the cat thing actually happend around where i live . it got posted on youtube and facebook and the woman actually got identified and publicly shamed in all local papers . bitch works at a bank

  • Rich

    #7 reminds me of the movie Freejack

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