Inject these GIFS straight into your heart!

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  • Anonymous

    and, docuhebag blocked

  • Robert

    #3 had me dying! That was mad funny. LOL! Also #4 is a very evil individual. What would make someone do that?

  • Rachele

    I think it'd be even funnier if it was you laying in the hospital right now with severe injuries.
    Let you see how it feels.

    Its not very fun.

  • Brah

    Number 4 makes me mad. That cat was very sweet and affectionate, and the lady just dumps it in the bin! While looking at the cameras! Bitch.

  • Greg Suatrez


    The crash in 7 happened near where I live and work. The first part happened in my childhood. Chive On from Dayton, OH!!!

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