• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1461737330 Jason R. Smith

    what caused the first domino to fall?

  • matisyahu

    fuck that game

  • stafferty

    My guess is about 4-5 hours of work for a 38 second video clip? That is assuming that they didn't mess up at all. It was kinda cool, but not really worth it.

  • garp

    …sort of like having sex, hours of preparation and build up, BAM, and then a big mess to clean up…oh yeah, and a cat in the room

    • mikethecarpenter

      @ garp, in the heat of passion and you get a cold cat nose on your a– then the moment is gone.

  • Caca

    Malpractice at its finest….

  • Big Los

    FlippyCat has a bunch of YouTube videos, he does tons of domino rallies. Pretty crazy. I hear the cat "Flippy" passed away a couple of month ago though. 😦

  • Darksoul

    A couple hundred hours well spent.

  • stephen

    And the point being ???

  • Red

    One and done I say. I said that before you know. Your turn now.

  • Patient 0

    I see the veteran affairs doctors are once again doing their finest work as usual

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