Prehistoric fish found in modern day (18 Photos)

  • Kennydmac

    If what you mean by "prehistoric" is that these fish have not changed much since prehistoric times, then there are definitely better examples. I would labeled this as article as "Stange Deep Sea Creatures" or something along those lines. Their are many other fish that have not evolved much for millions of years that would fit the article's description more. (i.e. Sturgeon, Alligator Gar, Sawfish [australian version], coelacanth to name a few).

  • Allie

    OMG and you really want to swim in the oceans????!!!!!! NOT!!!

  • miami

    You're very smart. I like that.

  • miami

    I love you. That was very smart. LOL

  • charlie chode

    this is the reason why SHUT THE FUCK UP LOL. you wouldn't swim in the sea coz you are a pussy lol a real man would kill these and eat them raw, yeeeer, with one hand, yeeeer, will standing on his head, yeeeeeer, and still in the sea, yeeeer. LIKE ME. but it's like my day off so maybe another time ye

  • Kevrobmc

    You can only image the kind of weird creatures that have roamed this planet back in the day

  • freshfraser

    There should be more albums like these, I love seeing deep sea new life. It's one of the final places we haven't explored

  • Hoagiechewer

    Hold on a minute. What the hell is # 7??? That does not appear to be a fish. It looks like what a baby Kronosaurus or Ichthyosaur or something similar might look like. Anyone have a clue what this is?

  • potterpuppetpals


  • potterpuppetpals

    but cool

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