The mail-order brides added theCHIVE to cart?? Awesome! (29 Photos)

As most of you know, I think mail-order brides are actually better than sliced bread. Each time I post a mail-order gallery I usually link to one or two of my favorite mail-order sites, more or less to prove they actually exist in case browsing turns to buying.
Well it appears one of the sites, HotRussianBrides, friggin' noticed, man. One of the owners freaking sent me these photos and thanked me for all the business. I seriously can't stop laughing my ass off. Well done, Chivers, well done. As y'all know, any girl holding a sign with Chive love on it will always be posted here, no matter how shameless the plug. So which one are you adding to cart?

  • Dan

    Only 28 and 29 is hottt….First btw

    • Pat

      You forgot # 22…

    • Realist

      You're gay.

    • Azrrael

      28 FTW –> Add to Cart

    • Tiger's Wood

      They broke out the ugly bitches for this!

  • Phil

    My cart is going to break! Too full!

  • let1gre

    Heavens97, plz.

  • AJ C

    I would like an order of #28 please.

  • marveeezy


  • Alan

    Is there a buy one get one free special on either 19 or 26? If not I'll take 28.

  • Sergio

    All of them are virgins??

    • MeLoveYouLongTime

      Why are people so interested in virgins. Trust me it is way better to have someone with experience than to have to deal with a training period.

    • DaddyD

      Probably none. Most of them probably have a kid. And I'd be willing to bet that they are all shaved. Muff diving is more fun without the muff!

      Oh yeah … 24 and 28.

      • its_forge

        Well, it's more fun if it's been shaved less than an hour or two previous. Otherwise, stubble is far, far worse than anything else.

    • stafferty

      Stop being a bitch, add to cart and find out yourself

  • Lisa Martin

    John, did you have a nerdgasm when you opened the e-mail? 🙂 Good job! 😉

    • John

      After the nerdgasm, I pulled myself together and ordered up 28

  • Shmo

    23 and 28 =]

  • Dr. Hoffmann

    is it just me or is the most of these chicks really not that hot?im not sayin all of them but cmon some are just weird.

  • wanderingsmartass


  • MeLoveYouLongTime

    That site is pretty smart getting that exposure on here for free advertising.

    • hyperion.pantibiblon

      No ofense Dude.Just curiosity only……Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket has a scene where a south vietnamise whore aproaches Private Joker & Photografer to offer herself as a girfriend (fuck).
      US$ 15 ?-Private Joker says then,too beaucoup (too much expensive) ,mom alllows me to expend only Us$5 a day .The whore replies: I'm so horny,ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME..Came from there the name U uses here?If yes,I'll change mine to (wise words said by sargeant gunnery Hartman "ONLY CALVES AND FAGS COME FROM TEXAS"

      • MeLoveYouLongTime

        Oh shit, that is where the name came from, I thought I came up with this name all by myself. I better change it :/

  • MigraineBoy

    Now that you've ordered them… Where are you gonna stack 'em?

  • HotRussianBrides

    Long live theChive! Thanks for the love.

  • Steven Vargas

    yeah umm i'd like a… #8 with a side of #6 to-go please… thanks.

  • chrisdg74


  • icejingles

    I love how #8 tried to hide all the facial imperfections with an over exposure.

  • Jonathan

    IMO, most of them look bat shit crazy. 28's pretty, though.

  • aosux

    28 looks like the only one to have a chance at being worth the $.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Good job Comrades…..and 20…No, no she doesn't

  • WonderWhy

    Tomorrow, will there be a hoax announcement? Having a hard time believing you anymore. In the back of my mind I'm wondering if these are all actresses.

    • uberbrie

      they are…they come to America act happy to be married to some dude they take all his money overtime and then run off with the rest…Russian are really no different than MOST American women if you think about it.

    • northerner

      WonderWhy, you do have a point. Chive has SCREWED us before. Unashamedly. And no K-Y either.

  • Jimmy

    lol that's awesome. Good job Chive!

  • bbbutter

    WonderWhy, stop being such a pussy!

    • WonderWhy

      I was just fuckin around

    • northerner

      But he has a point….we've been screwed before by Hissef….

  • zym

    Here Pussee, Pussee, Pussee….

  • ArnoldAKiss

    Man ! That's awesome ! Totally ordering numero 25 !

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