There’s something to say for old tyme simplicity (30 Photos)

  • shaunew


    • Andrea

      … to announce to everyone here that you have absolutely no life since you can sit around at your computer waiting to be the first person to comment on a post.

  • Lisa Martin

    All in all, it's great looking back, but I'll take my laptop, my hot tub, my cell phone & my modern medicine. I can always go primitive…kinda hard for them to technology up back then. Cool looking though…;) Ty Leo. 😉

    • mclendonmeister

      Agreed. People just seem a little soft these days.

  • Slump

    beautiful pictures !! I love it !! 🙂

  • BigDingo

    awesome pictures, but not having polio is pretty sweet…

  • Serinanth

    Whoever did the color implementation on those B&W photos; I tip my hat to them.

  • dw55

    2010 i love you

  • timmy

    Some Huck Finn ass shit homey

    • mclendonmeister


  • chrisdg74

    Nice collection. But, why do I hear dueling banjos when looking at most of these?
    I thought it might have been the voices in my head, but they have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever.

  • HardCore Mike

    Love the pics… simpler times. We are so spoiled now…

    • sander

      lol "simpler"… i guess that' why they all look so happy -_-

    • mclendonmeister

      True. You probably didn't see many grown ass men throwing tantrums at check out counters in those days.

  • goposaur

    I'll stay right where I am and enjoy my antibiotics and knowledge that hitler is still fucking dead.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    12, I dare you to walk down that street and stay sober!!!!

  • DaddyD

    Don't forget … many of the people in these pictures also yearned for the simpler times of the past.

    (p.s.: so nice that I don't have to retype my name and email anymore!)

  • inspectmyclouseau

    being dirt poor and being simple are two different things. cream puff chive boys

  • hypoluxa

    mmmmm . . . penny oranges.

  • radar

    They had color film in the 1940's. These are real color photos.

  • dupe dupe

    Love the pics. Nice job.

  • Rob

    Well, they're a lot skinnier than today's Americans but they don't seem to smile as much…

  • Nate

    Love it! Awesome post, Chive. Would love to see more of this.

  • Beth

    These pictures look too nice to be that old. The quality and crispness of them is amazing. I'd have to imagine that some are just setup to look old… also since none of them are really candid.

    • Stephen Humphrey

      the photos were crisp and clear back then in fact due to the size of the film they use better defined than 110 film we used today. Its just the old pics your thinking of were processed many years ago and the pictures deteriorate but the negatives tend to stay fine if preserved right so these may have been produced yesterday from old negatives

      • Underhill

        Also, most photos in those days were posed — not necessarily staged but definitely posed.
        Might have been attitude, might have been film speed.

  • El Conquistador

    Not that funny, I only laughed a couple a times…

  • Joe

    #16 is PURE Tom Sawyer

  • workin_donkey

    A lot of these pics show just how soft society is today. This generation could have never settled the western frontier or fought for WWII let alone work in a textile mill.

    • Underhill

      We could, we just don't.

  • SweetJesus

    I've seen all of these before. Can't remember where but most of them come from some article about how old color photography is. Chive, you gotta start giving credit where credit is due. Whether they can sue you or not, it's just the right thing to do.

  • allyn.

    I saw them from the denver post a few days ago, not sure if thats where they were originally published. Tells you the dates and locations too.

  • joe

    #19 same exact torches are still used today

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