Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • crazy-commie

    #33: Sad but true… what the hell happened women?

  • Da Cuntstabber

    33: they're both sluts but at least Paris doesn't hide it. Class? Jane Birkin, Julie Christie, Clara Bow

  • floscar

    Too slutty? Those words together make no sense.

  • Mike

    # 34, The girls are certainly attractive, but that pose looks neither hot nor slutty…it just looks awkward.

  • my opinion

    Too slutty is like water that's too wet. No such thing.

  • steve

    who is #19?

  • bob

    yes …yes it is

  • ihateemos

    #5 Just fuck off………..

  • Anonymous

    number 34 have a nice Capt Morgan pose

  • Jawbone

    #34 Not at all. You just look like a gaggle of no class cunts with your legs spread. Probably nothing new to you.

  • broski

    #19 damn you got some curves!! What's your number??

  • zynski

    #34 they're not posing…their legs can't close

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