Meet my dog, Goliath (22 Photos)

  • Frenchgirl

    My god those are scary…feet on #17!!

    • Mike

      The dog or the woman???

  • Serinanth

    Irish wolf hounds…Gorram big dogs.

    • Joeyk

      I respect the firefly reference, for that you get a thumbs up

  • MeLoveYouLongTime

    These are lions in dog disguises



    • SlickWillie

      Leonberger. Amazing dogs.

  • Beau

    #22 How come every time they smile, their faces turn yellow?

  • Rob

    Those are some nice ridin' dogs.

  • CapnMarvel

    Lotsa very happy lookin' older women with them dogs…just sayin'.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    15, Bull Mastiff…the best car alarm….That and the Rottie….

    • TroutSlayer

      #15 is an English Mastiff.

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        you are correct sir…… I looked too quickly….I'll still take a Brindle Bullie though if i had the choice..

  • bowhuntpa

    nice shop

  • Dougxdrums

    This looks shopped.

  • nouu

    i really wish photoshop were illegal.

  • timmay

    Way too many photoshops here. Love the Chive but you guys needs to get those out unless you make it clear they are photshopped.

  • Alaska Yellow Pages

    Are they really photoshopped? I like #2 and #6. Hope they're real.

  • barn lights

    #13 hey goliath, this is david! Want to have poof on your forehead?

  • MissChris

    I love, love, love big dogs! Mastiffs are my absolute favs. Great Danes are beautiful too. Like this post.

    • Greg

      sounds like an (ahem) experienced girl…hehe

  • Jay

    Big dogs = big poops.

  • Duke

    #10 – Ahmadinejad and the wife dancing?

    Sadly, big dogs like these generally have shorter lives than the smaller breeds.

  • mattythegooch

    My Great Dane mix, shits out Mini Coopers…semi-true story.

  • ebay21

    welcome to ::( h t t p : / / w ww . e b ay 2 1 . c om / )

  • Equalizer

    Lesson Learned: BIG Dog = BIG Poop

  • BigDingo

    would be a better post without the shops

    • butterpit

      very true.. the real ones are pretty cool but the obvious shops are just annoying

  • Terry Burke

    how shitty would you feel if you broke into a house and saw one of these dogs looking at you?

  • bigdaddydrew

    The Irish Wolfhounds and great danes can be that big. Mastiffs can also be very large but not like lost of these. I cant see the pixels and I have not seen very many shops in my day but I think most of these are shopped.

  • CrazyDog

    #2 is a Leonberger, not shopped.

  • d1023

    omg this is amazing! i love big pups!

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