Meet my dog, Goliath (22 Photos)

  • Libertariandude

    9, 15, 17, 22, pretty sure are shopped. Some others are real, but seriously guys, don't mix the shops with the straights

  • HellHath NoFury

    My small person looked through these several times, and apparently I'm going to be buying an Elkhound instead of say, a house.

  • Anonymous

    whoooa… thats a big b*@#$

  • None

    I own five Irish Wolfhounds. My tallest boy is 38 inches at the shoulder.
    Break out your tape measure in awe, boys.

    Oh and no, they don't eat and poop heaps if they're fed a nutritious diet. Feed them the commercial corn-filled crap available on your local shelves and yes, they'll over eat and over poop.
    But on a nice raw diet, they're healthier, cost less to maintain and leave less mess.

  • brandy

    the irish wolf hound def not shopped…im 5'6" and my aunt had one that could almost look me in the eye just standing on all fours. HUGE animals…and yes HUGE poop.

  • gothiksaviour

    they aren't shopped

  • samiam

    #16 looks like the most obvious shoped one to me

    • Stef

      It's a Cain Corso not shopped

  • guest

    Some are shopped, some aren't. I have an english mastiff (like #5) and they can commonly hit 280 lbs or more.

  • Anonymous

    Uganda, Kampala,
    Do passionately love the company of dogs

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