Smile inducing photos to kickstart your weekend (26 Photos)

  • Brandon

    I don't get why #4 is supposed to be funny?

    • Evil Dung Beetle

      Given the rest of the outfit, I'm guessing the bellybutton ring is a grenade pin.

  • jimdawg

    WHO is 26? And Terry Crews is hilarious! But, mostly…WHO IS 26???????????

  • Rory

    Is #9 supposed to be Day of the Tenticle…?

  • sander

    #26 = any day!

  • Viking

    Terry Crews for the win.
    And #26, gods I love being an ass man.

  • Miniature China man

    does anyone know who #26 is?

  • Ray L

    I'm not sure what more disturbing about #4…the belly button ring or the fact that she has the stock sitting on the outside of her arm.

    • CB919

      And her finger on the trigger.

  • kaveman

    #1 what a f*#~ing wetback


  • king

    26 is all thats necessary

  • jim sorgi

    25…so they arested the perv dad

  • HellHath NoFury

    You rock, ma'am

  • HellHath NoFury

    Terry Crews is the man.

  • Shane

    What a great website….just repost the same pics everyday, don't update your server cuz your too cheap and have annoying commercials all over it.

    This site won't last….Im out.

  • ANON chiver

    dat ass

  • MigraineBoy

    I keep laughing at #7 😀

  • Ken

    #21- Hide-go-seek winner?

    • CB919


  • Mr Rex

    #26 is ines sainz just in case you feel like doing some fap fap fap

  • P-90

    #2 Samuel Smithers. (Yes I am a geek)
    #17 That's just scary.
    #23 Lols.

  • Arty

    14 looks like sean penn

  • Jhos

    #26 She is a sports reporter here in Mexico is name is Ines Sain.

  • theanarchist

    26 hell to the yeah :O

  • Debasteitor

    #26 is our mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz you'll see? DAT ASS fuck my shit!! B)

  • Eliopolos

    I DO so hate to be a party pooper butt… re: 26-

    They're all wearing them now. Nothing can be trusted. You gotta check under the hood before you even say hello these days.

  • Damein

    #9 Would you? I would…both of them at the same time.

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