British actress/model Lily Cole is on fire! (20 photos)

I was just introduced to Lily Cole last night when I watched The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (Heath Ledger's last bow) and she was the only thing worth watching in the movie.

  • Mek

    Great body, but her head looks like an alien. I tend to like my women with stronger jawlines.

    • Stevo

      like Rumer Willis?

    • GeBee

      You prefer men then.

  • Beau

    I can't decide whether she's got a cute babyface, or a scary doll face. Hmmm…

    A little skinny, but otherwise good body though 😀

  • whickity whack


  • Viking

    A bit long and skinny to me, prefer curves.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Killer blue eyes and a dollface

  • keithp420

    i rather have Lindsay Lohan, just saying…

    • stafferty

      Too bad, the entire city of Los Angelos has recently decided to permanately switch Lindsey and Lilly indefinately. Lets face facts, its not like she could be a worse actress or make worse life decisions than Lohan.

  • Nick

    You know that creepy kid from the video of "system of a down – aerials" ? She looks like his 14 year old sister.

  • Beer

    She's a bit wall-eyed.

    • C-man

      Bingo, you could rent out the space between her eyes for advertising.

    • P-90

      She don't look like a robot to me…..oh wait…doh!

  • ROK

    needs a sandwich. or 12.

  • fewas

    Redhead God 😉 … btw. in her character she's a very nice person 😎

  • aosux

    Too skinny for my tastes

  • stafferty

    I'd love give her the old inverse-flying-spider-monkey-with-a-twist-of-lemon.

    (I am not totally sure what this is besides a currently fictional but undescribably amazing sexual position with %100 chance of contracting the STD known as "Awesomitis" and possible back, neck, and left pinky toe injurys)

  • ssss9999

    Her face freaks me out!

  • Cali4niaSon

    She looks like Lindsay Lohan……. but with out the vomit inducing baggage

  • DeezNutz

    Stewie Griffin?

    • Cali4niaSon


  • BigDingo

    until 13 I was like "meh"… even after that, I'd want to paper bag that so I wouldn't feel like I was doing a 12 year old elf thing

  • daduts

    chucky in child's play.

  • clay

    she was in playboy and paradis… the paradis photoshoot is alot more "revealing".

  • Equalizer

    Are you sure she's a Brit not a Japanese Anime?

  • P-90

    This girl looks good on TV and in movies but weird in photos.

  • aleXTC

    she was in the imaginarium of doctor parnassus.

  • cdnalor

    I would cast her and Christina Ricci as aliens in a remake of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." It could be kind of sexy…or creepy.

  • hater

    weaksauce. It's like theChive has been sold to a Chinese knock-off company that only makes name-brand look-a-like crap.

  • scv


  • joker

    that's one ginger girl i would screw

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