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It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

If you like this, check out VeryDemotivation, one of the funniest sites on the internets.

  • Bar in Seattle


  • BigDingo


    • dave32891


    • Homesteader


      Thank you for the correction. I'm glad to know it bothers other people so much they want to post about it.

  • j12goose

    I wish I had that kind of money…………

  • stafferty

    My plans for an afternoon triceratops ride through the park have been ruined. I feel borked

    • Michael Freeman

      I see what you did there.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    33, Baby, i promise no one will ever see these

  • Random

    Salute to epic booty #5 and Denise Milani

  • MigraineBoy

    I live for Demotivational Mondays. 🙂

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    30, Ke$ha….Travolta's illegitimate love child since 1987

  • mattythegooch

    Pot = Gay???

  • Joel

    Say what you want about autotune, but T-Pain is actually so talented. Search it up

    • Homesteader

      I think my Monday motivation has been ruined by seeing both T-Pain and talented in a sentence…

  • king

    #5 ftw

  • Andy

    #33 is Amber Stratton. College Humor's Hottest Girl a few years back

  • Zippy

    #32 – Thanks, now I got this song stuck in my head!!!

  • KMM

    Puppies are retarded but still more intelligent than an adult cat. They are so cute though.

  • aosux

    There is something about the chick in #33. She could drive me crazy.

  • 76United

    Who is #5?
    Wow, nice pooper!

    • @jewelry_wolf

      Really wanna know who she is too… hope that won't be a "he"…

    • DamnitGina

      yea if thats not shopped its by far one of the nicest ass-in-jeans ive seen in a loooong time

    • its_forge

      A sports reporter from I believe Mexico. Go back a few "daily random" posts and they talk about her a lot in the comments.

    • David Williams

      Her name is Inez Saens jus google it, she is a Hopa

      • Erick Hinojosa Colin

        She is Ines Sainz

  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    #6 – I'm going to put a sticker on my caps button that says this.
    #12 – They don't have to be ears for me to still want one on either side of my head.
    And #25 is pretty much the worst thing I'm going to see all day. My hand hurts just thinking about it.

    • Beau

      That's what #26 is there for. To make you feel better.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Quit fapping on my pics, Nate.

      • bOb

        that's not your pic

  • Phil

    Nice tits today.

  • Viking

    #5, still enjoying this picture and that finely sculpted ass after the nth posting.

  • stafferty

    We also would have accepted:
    You are one step away from an epic beard

    • his name

      No i'm sorry that would not have been accepted

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i hate mondays…i need a fucking spartan bath

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  • Nutrition

    My monday was going fine, not its absolutely FABULOUS

  • rubba_donga

    If pot made you gay I'd be freaking boy george….

    • Nicnac

      you mean you'd be frakking boy george…

      • mattythegooch

        I kept telling you, that wasn't a bong in my pants….but you insisted on wrapping your lips around it!! hahahaha, just fucking around, I love the refer!!!

  • ryland52586

    Thanks to picture #28, I will now inadvertently be looking for bananas in every photo of pants I ever see. Thanks, Chive, for making me realize I was a homosexual.

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