Russian thug life, the Diet Coke of thuggery (35 Photos)

  • Beltes

    So, in #21 – is it still considered Bling when you're still in the store and you haven't paid for it?

    You too, 23 – don't think we didn't notice…

  • Phil

    #32 – Derp! Durpe durp! DURp!

  • nathan

    when I see these "thug" posts I just don't… I mean I dont understand…. ugh… WTF isnt even close, more like WTF X 19,786 to the tenth power.

  • gator

    in soviet russia, haters gunna hate

  • MigraineBoy

    Looks like Ikea has a new leisure wear department down in Moscow.

  • Bob

    The dorks in 23 probably like to '69' each other. Glad to see Russia has loser wannabes too. We get them here too.

  • Doesn'tmatter

    What a bunch of douche nozzles…

  • Jim

    Wow…I don't even know where to start…..sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh………

  • commy

    Their grandparents sent first dude to space, their parents chose Pepsi… They themselves are going to suck cocks… F#$king shame.

  • 'Merica

    wow, look at all those hard people. xD

  • bob

    actually russian are culturally/traditionally very racist against blacks.
    which is what makes this thread truly ironic.

    • Ummmmm

      That is a lie. The Soviet Union allowed African students to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country, for free, along with all of the Soviet students when African-Americans couldn't even use the same water fountain as whites in the US. Get your facts right. What's ironic is that when you speak, what comes out of your mouth is bullshit.

      • commy

        Lumumba U is "one of the most prestigious universities" of USSR?!! Holly s#$t batman, is that why locals called it "the zoo"?

        • LOL

          Yeah, you got it. That's probably why the US has the lowest education rate of any post-industrial nation and more than half of high school students in this country can't name the capital, while Russia produces some of the most sought after scientists, which US companies would gladly trade for you any day.

          • commy

            oh, really? is that why number of us certified universities of RF are few and far between and the only way for russkies scientists to get a job (not the fast food job, mind you) is to come here and get a post-grad degree? get your story straight, comrad.

            • LOL2

              My story doesn't change based on your "groundbreaking revelation." Aside from the fact that Russia has less than half the population of the US, which logically would mean one half less universities, it also boasts a 99.4% literacy rate, compared to a 99.0% literacy rate in the US (which is lower than North Korea's, Kazakhstan's and Poland – all countries which morons like you make fun of). There are plenty of Russian scientists working in Russia, but they get offered more money to come here since a lot of Americans are idiots, and do – in fact – work at fast food jobs. The elite scientific and business institutions would replace you with a more efficient, smarter, more skilled and cheaper label from abroad, if only regulations allowed them to do so. However, considering that only 15% of Russians live below the poverty line, compared to 17% in the US, not too many unskilled Russians would like to come to the US, which is unfortunate, because you'd probably become great buddies. Not to mention that women's equality/rights and open mindedness to other races were an established part of society in the Soviet Union before women could vote and black people could watch a movie in the same theater as whites – in the US. Just something to think about… comrade.

              • commy

                hm… have you ever been in Russia? and is the answer is "yes", are you on drugs? or are you working here for Mother Russia (and FSB)?

              • Htownpunk

                Wow "LOL"! Another self-loathing American. Please feel free to move to your Land of Paradise (aka Russia) at any time. Trust me, we don't want or need your kind here. People like you are exactly the reason why the American culture is gradually being eroded.

                • LOL3

                  When faced with facts, you become hurt and begin to cry, I would too if I was as closed minded as you. Many Americans – though – aren't ignorant and don't share your sentiments, are respectful of other people & their culture. If anything, it's America that's spreading this "thug" & "gansta" cancer all over the world. It's our society that's polluting other people. I guess when one is drowning, he'll try to survive even if that means drowning all those around him. I am a proud American, not a self-loathing one. I am proud of this country and the many honest and hardworking people here. I am proud that this great land was founded by immigrants. I have nothing to hide and nothing of which to be ashamed – except prejudiced, cocky, lazy, uneducated people – like you – who call themselves patriotic.

                  • commy

                    yet, you ARE ignorant about realities of contemporary Russia, its history (real history, not the official BS) and culture (yeah, the real one). once again: get you facts and then … officially great USSR was best friend and loving Big Brother to each and every 3rd world country (that proclaimed _dislike_ towards US and Western Values in general). on an individual level though, soviet advisers had pretty colonial views. also, xenophobia – common trait of closed cultures… but, i'm spilling the bids. go to Russia, listen to sentiments of simple russian folks on the subject of other former USSR ethnic groups. it might give you food for thought. then again too rich of a food gives indigestion

                    • Htownpunk

                      I love it! LOL calls me "prejudiced, cocky, lazy and uneducated"; what a fucking clown this guy is! I make one comment telling him that he should move to Russia because his previous comments make it abundantly clear that he IS in fact a self-loathing American (obviously he's in denial), and he comes back at me with all these degrading terms. Am I crazy, or did this asshole not previously go off on several tangents on why Russia and its people are far superior to Americans? You call ME closed minded yet you call me all of these horrible things having no proof or basis for calling me any of them. Sorry pal, but your hypocrisy just killed any credibility that you had left.

                    • LOL

                      Your country hates you.

                    • Htownpunk

                      But your Mom loves me…….

  • DJ SteelinStalin

    Йo Йo Йo!! My homiz, thank for posting my players and me on your online page. We are like very much now give me ur maney!!! Xaxaxaxa.

  • sander

    i've seen much worse and much more american gangsta idiots…

    • Kent

      No you haven't.

  • the drizzle

    funny thing some of those kids might be bad ass…"might be"

  • Anonymous

    #11: Bieber?
    #27: Also Bieber?

  • fw6888

    these kids parents really should not have pro-created

  • Tag1

    This website often facilitates – if not promotes – hate, ignorance, prejudice and cruelty.

  • stealthscythe

    what's with the wall carpets in russia?

  • Ali Dimayev

    I hope a Chechen shots them in the head.

    • commy

      i hope chechens learn some English… some day.

  • BigDingo

    still… I feel they must suck less dick than Justin Bieber and it's our continent that made him popular.

  • Knights of Ni

    Why yes, I *am* intimidated…

  • Merovingian

    Never seen so much knock off clothing and shiny plastic in all my life..

  • HellHath NoFury

    Dear Russians, meet me at work. i'll teach you how to be a real man.

  • BongPimper

    #30 is just funny

  • scott

    silly commies.

    • commy

      and whose ass was learning "duck and cover" in school? these are no commies. not even close.

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