According to Chivers, this is the best shit on earth? (2 Photos)

Every day I personally go through all your photo submissions and, without fail, at least one Chivers sends me a photo of Nutella every day. I've personally never had it. This morning I woke up and there were no less than a dozen photos of freakin' Nutella in my inbox! Can somebody explain the fascination with this stuff?

  • Rolis

    this shit is like PB and J to europeans but all in one serving, its like chocolate and walnut butter together, i have yet to try the new drink and dipping option, but from the pic it looks epic

    • defrostynating

      Incidently, PB and N is also completely awesome, like a snickers on bread.

      Its also great on a banana…

    • Nutty for nutella

      It's actually chocolate and hazelnut. Sooooo very delicious!

    • wheeeeeee

      hazelnut* this stuff's freaking awesome.

    • Benny

      That nutella and drink is just awesome, but the drink is just an Iced tea. look it up it's called Esta The' which means 'esta' tea, which is a play of word for estate which means summer in italian. It's bloody good.

  • Andrew

    Where do you get it from?

    • Ali Dimayev

      Try your grocery store, you dumb fuck.

    • tippy

      You don't get it anywhere. If God decides you're worthy of having it he'll send you the recipe and a machine so you can print the labels.


  • Dakota

    IT IS AMAZING. and they sell it at walmart! <3<3<3<3<3

    • Danny P

      FUCK Walmart

  • mik

    italians do it better ;):p

    • danny


      • Löwe

        Germans do it better. :p

        • marie

          if you didn't know Ferrero was Italian.. why do all Germans love to believe it's their product when it's not
          du hast da was falsch verstanden

  • Cal

    LOVE IT! yeah its a hazelnut and chocolate spread… doesn't sound too impressive but it is!

    and you can buy it from almost any shop in Europe, especially in Italy, they are mental about it there!

  • fdallas

    Fresh bread and Nutella… my daily snack for 15 years….

  • kezon

    Here in Switzerland you can buy it in like every supermarket and its not that expensive… It's amazing, I already loved it as a child.

    • Lev

      We've had it in Canada for a long time too, sold in grocery stores all over. Combine it with chunky peanut butter on bread to make a Reese sandwich. That's an order.

      • kezon

        Already tried it. I love it. But good peanut butter is really hard to get here…

        • Löwe

          Aw that sucks! I live off peanut butter. I should send you some. ^_^

  • CaptainInsano

    I got chubby earlier this summer eating that shit, can't have it in the house

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i just saw this on the food network…they were showing the process of making this shit…..i have to admit i have never tried it…but after watching that show i MUST find some!!!

  • E-Z

    that snack and drink is mind fucking me……i fucking love nutella

    • paul

      i'm off to walmart for the first time in 5 years

  • ale

    Nutella, one of God´s blessings to good people around the world. I feel ur pain.

  • HellHath NoFury

    it's not just European, they sell it most everywhere in the US and Canadia as well now! I love it! I don't like chocolate at all, but Nutella is my kryptonite.

    • No1Ass&DickLicker

      They've been selling Nutella in Canada since forever. I'm 30 years old and I eat this shit since im 5 yo. Get your facts strait HHNF!! lol

      • billthewelder

        It tends to rise and fall as to what stores it sells in but it has been around for at least 35 years and I have found it in many stores in the midwest and eastern states as well as in the south. Taste wise its an awesome win and spreading it on bread or bagels is a treat but you can put it on biscuits and graham crackers though I like the chocolate graham crackers with some marshmallow fluff. Warm it up in the nuker and you can drizzle it over ice cream and it goes great over butter pecan.

  • garp

    …easy to get in Canada, I can't stand it personally, but then again I like to guzzle sambuca and perform cunnlingus so what sort fo faith can I put in my taste buds?

    • HellHath NoFury

      If you're performing cunnilingus on the right people, your taste buds will thank you.
      Put some nutella on it.

      • garp

        …I can assure you the sole (and satsified) beneficiary of my oral skills is beyond right, so no nutella required thanks

        • Beau

          If it's required, then what's the fun? Doing it by choice is where it's at.

    • HJT

      ❤ guys that love to give oral

  • Aaron Way

    Nutella is horrible… but it's better than marmite.

    • Sarah

      Dude – I LOVE marmite

      But given a choice between the two – Nutella would win hands down, out the jar, on toast, before spoons, god damn man I'd eat it …..

      (Shhh – don't tell my hubby he might put that last bit to the test….)

  • fasterthanu

    Looks kinda big……THATS WHAT SHE SAID! 😀

  • Equalizer

    The best breakfast ever is my girlfriend covered in nutella

  • ivica

    linolada is better <— google it 😉

  • McBeastie

    Can't have it around anymore. I had it on a croissant for breakfast almost everyday a couple of years ago and gained more than a few pounds. Love that shit.

  • CHUD lover

    Green note:
    Nutella has a large amount of palm oil in its ingredients. Thee were articles in the Austrlian newspapers talking aobut howthe farming of this palm oil is unsustainable.
    The oil is from clear cutting of rain forests.
    Not sure about the truth of those articles

    • HellHath NoFury

      All food comes from something that either: drains nutrients from the soil, ruins the land, needs to be replenished, and was once alive in one form or another.
      Rain forests being clear-cut is sad, but as long as people need food, wood, homes, and land to live on, crappy things will happen.

      • mar

        god i hate hhnf.shut up
        ! always some stupid comment made just for the sake of commenting

        • McBeastie

          agreed, sir. agreed.

  • paul

    I didn't get the feeling that the chive was 'moaning' about it. It's called a 'conversational piece' and it's really rather brilliant. A lot of people have never heard of it in the US but it has a growing cult following. So, in a way, the chive is helping get the word out.

  • eli

    If you could describe Nutella in one word, it would be:

    • No1Ass&DickLicker


    • Dakota


    • Bruno

      Ooohhh. *While cumming*

    • Knights of Ni


    • zellmerfudd


  • guy


  • nicklz

    if you want a little sample of nutella goodness just go buy a ferreo rocher those little gold wrapped chocolate that warm goodness in the middle ? ya you guessed it nutella another one of the great things that came from italy !!! your welcome forza azzurri

  • Kevin

    Peanut Butter and nutella. mmmmm aaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhh. (with a lot of drool). Must have now. And where the hell can I get the Snack and Drink. I need like, 20

  • Sarah

    You know that picture of the kid screaming with laughter in that push along buggy with the caption
    F*** Yeah

    Well – DUDE – thats nutella
    Totally agree with jeremy – nutella is da Sh**

    And… Spread it on and take about an hour to lick it off man – go go go …….

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