According to Chivers, this is the best shit on earth? (2 Photos)

Every day I personally go through all your photo submissions and, without fail, at least one Chivers sends me a photo of Nutella every day. I've personally never had it. This morning I woke up and there were no less than a dozen photos of freakin' Nutella in my inbox! Can somebody explain the fascination with this stuff?

  • Lynne Sandilands

    Where can I get number 2?????????? I LOVE NUTELLA! I used to collect the glass jars it came in during the 80's. YUM!

    • miami

      I have a better idea!!! Go out and meet some other humans.

  • zellmerfudd

    nutella might be the most disgusting food on the planet….

  • Maria

    You never had Nuttella? REALLY! Go get some NOW! Its freakishly good!

    PS: on hot pancakes….Its like, a sin!

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  • Claude M.

    In heaven they serve ice cold milk with Nutella on fresh bake croissants.

  • Claude M.

    Costco usually has it.

  • Diego

    I live near the Nutella's factory…in Cuneo (Italy) the best city in the world!
    and Nutella is my breakfast since I was 3!

  • Jess

    try nutella, you will understand 🙂
    Nutella I love You!!!

  • nutella luva

    The shit.

  • Shaun

    Nutella is the best stuff ever !!!!!

  • Löwe

    Ok ok Americans! The shit you get at walmart isn't the real Nutella its made in Canada. If you want the real kind order it off the interwebs and enjoy the best hazelnut spread. Get the German made. Its much better then any other kind!

  • MichaelGS

    Nutella tastes chocolate covered hobo ass. In theory it should taste great, but it makes me wanna throw up

  • mimimimimimi

    the chocolate inside ferrero rocher choclate's the same stuff with nutella
    try it.i'm sure you can easily access it there in america
    it's even available in third world countries


  • armeecro

    that shit is really addictive… never enough of it- i actually know a person that overdosed on it, and was in sugar induced coma for a few days- true story 🙂
    it tastes just like god would taste.

  • Leonel

    It's like a gangbang orgasm in my mouth. I've found it here in Mexico. I would honestly have it every day for every meal for the rest of my life.

  • Silent

    Is the photographer holding that Nutella with his toes??? 😉

  • Chris

    I'm 27 and was just introduced to Nutella this year. it's a life changer.

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