Don’t call ’em Emo, these are Scene Girls (28 Photos)

According to the scene girl's creed, 'Scene girls are all about individuality. We're not a group. We're all unique and different.' I think a few Chivers might beg to differ...

  • Dan

    #4 Monique, is that you? lol

  • Brandon

    #28 #7 wow wow wow wow if all scene or emo or what ever they call themselves looked like this i would convert.

  • NVF

    MOAR OF #28!!! Chive, you must find #28 – so hot, want to touch the hiney.

  • Brookelle

    Lalala c:

  • Brookelle

    Hi c:

  • The Superginge

    HOT HOT HOT!!!
    Chive, please have a Scene girl section!
    We don't get enough of them in the UK, they're rare compared to America.

  • jenpen

    I really cant handle how gross #14 fingernails are

  • Dave

    All of these girls are hot. Fuck you Chive, eat a dick.

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