Goth is trying to take over my world (23 Photos)

  • HBcubs

    i guess goths are no longer afraid of the sun

  • Purdy

    try outs for the new Rob Zombie movie weren't low

  • fasterthanu

    #24 looks a lot like the late German dictator Adolf Hitler.

    • Anaughtybear

      No shit. Really?

      • fasterthanu

        No shit Sherlock.

    • Motoring SOB

      har har
      Saving the world one caption at a time. Thanks Captain Obvious.

      • fasterthanu

        Boo hoo
        Moaning at comments one at a time. Thanks Captain Shitforbrains.

    • Anon

      Actually austrian ; )

      • fasterthanu

        He was the dictator of Germany, not Austria ; )

        • juzz

          he's from austria actually lol

          Anyway, some of the goths on here are pretty good looking!!

    • SirDerpalot

      8/10. Nice trolling.

  • Stupendous

    what a buncha freaks!

  • Ricardo Useche

    This is the cast for a new horror movie coming up

  • Sadie

    Woah! Helloooo #6!

    • top dog

      And ultimately good bye.

  • Clickawhat

    #4 Gotta give the old dude credit. He's pulling some young tail.

    • Jason

      but whats with him wearing a bra also?

    • C-man

      She's not that young.

  • BigDingo

    Sorry Chive, this was posted yesterday at Izismile:

    At least give the other website credit when you rip them off pic for pic…

    • Peter Dexter

      you havent really worked out the chive yet have you? unless its the chive shittin with us / national media, or random hot girls holding up chive signs, almost all the content comes from other websites. you gonna bitch that the GIF post above this one is all taken from seniorGIF and 4GIFs?

      • BigDingo

        Yeah I know the photos usually are a mishmash of stuff posted elsewhere, but when the compilation is stolen photo for photo, that bothers me.

        • Deeveeus

          Okay, none of those sites take the photos themselves, nor is it their intellectual content, get the fuck over it, and stop bitching because you seem to have nothing better to do than look at a dozen+ blogs a day…..I hate you fuckers bitchin about this all the time

        • What ever

          It's not pic for pic. I saw it yesterday too. Hitler…not there, Marriage…not there, fat chick…not there, gothapotamus… not there. Just like everyday I see posts at izismile and can't wait till the chivers get ahold of it the next day. It used to bother me too, but now I just want to read what the chivers say about it, including you.

    • Kjellupa

      There is Asshattery afoot. And you sir are to blame.

  • pingpong

    oink oink oink oink. I am pigman. See you in two minutes.

  • mister bat

    multiple bats were shat

  • bernidene

    #13 … coolest glasses EVER

    • PEGRITZ!

      I actually *have* those glasses! Or…well, a pair that's very similar. 😀 You can get 'em from Archie McPhee's website, I believe.

  • queen b

    #23… that picture never fails to make me laugh… hahahahahah; i want to throw chicken nuggets at him for no reason.

    • Jim

      No, No…you have a reason…fire at will….

  • Bizarrobear

    Scary, but I have to admire the effort they put in to get the look they want. Plus, #15 is a straight out cutie, even with that shit in her face.

    • juzz

      i totally agree with you on #15, she's pretty awesome, even coming from a goth(mee) 😀

  • misainzig

    Reaction to 20: Hey she's kind of ho-WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

    • Clickawhat

      I have the terrible feeling that 1/2 of #20 is going to be in my nightmares tonight…sadly, I don't have nightmares about large breasted redheads.

      • defrostynating

        TIMMEEEEH And The Lords OF The Underworld

  • Rangerdanger

    Gothapotamus… I learned a new word today! Gonna use it too.

  • Anaughtybear

    Fuckin' Sweden. I hope these weren't in the U.S. anyway.

  • AnyStranger

    Fell in love with chick in #7

    • Rick

      Ah, Goth day at the Renaissance Fair…

  • hmmm

    erm… 17 is a pic of a couple where the girl was kicked to death for trying to stop thugs beating up the male (her bf) just because he was dressed as a goth. Not a "goth funny" imo.
    (link -

    • uhn

      No fricking kidding. Thanks for posting this. I get seduced by the oddity of it all and stare at the freaks. I need to remember these are human beings with there own history.
      And no kidding #20 looks scary, but that's a real guy. I wonder what I'd dress like if I spent my entire life with that body. No doubt I'd be pretty pissed at the world too.

    • TruthShark

      No, it isn't. Its a picture of a couple who made the news in 2008 for being kicked off the bus because she was on a leash. However, her last name and the name of the male goth to whom you refer are the same, so perhaps they are related.

    • juzz

      That isn't Sophie Lancaster.

    • juzz

      She isn't Sophie Lancaster.

    • Jade

      actualy that was the goth couple who where not alwed on the bus because she was waring a leash. Sophie Lancaster a British Girl, but your right its still not funny

    • Rick

      Well, thank goodness outlawing firearms in "Great" Britain had the desired effect of eliminating violence there.

      "An armed society is a polite society." ~Robt. A. Heinlein

  • James Mac

    Little bit of National Service would fix that shit right up.

    • SirDerpalot

      What is there to fix? Should we all act, talk, think, worship, and dress like you do? Who the fuck are you? What makes you qualified to determine what others should be like? Its your fucking attitude that causes hate and violence, which is justified by the perpetrator believing that they are in the right and their victims aren't people anyway, so they get what they deserve. Fuck off and die in a fire.
      But I do agree that national service would be a great thing for a lot of problems our culture faces. With all the poverty, unemployment, racism, and general douche-baggery in the world, making kids put on a smile and not wear black is the least of our worries.

  • Not again

    #6 looks like a "Chucky" movie extra………

    • Mak

      #6 looks like the bride of Chucky

  • Skjebne

    20 : eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew !
    But I'd totally date #15

    • Brandon

      20 looks to be a real-life bridge troll!

  • Confused

    WTF, these people need a head check

  • Dang

    I'd totally do #10…you know, after makin' sure it was a chick first…and maybe after makin' sure it was over 18 and all…what's that? have another beer? don't mind if I do.

  • Jim

    #15 is fucking hot….I'd bang the hell outta her…..#20 goes HARD, that my friends is the real fucking deal! A Goddamn goblin????? I don't know which one is more goth…the goblin, or the goblin's owner!

  • metalcool36

    #15 would totally get it and the guy in #17 is doing it right

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