More girls who carry such a heavy burden (27 Photos)

  • No.

    Don't do it.

  • Anonymous


  • Firstly

    Is it just me, or is #18's legs totally shopped? Or at least edited. They just look WEIRD.

    • Camel Bob

      Shopped with a bit of Camel Toe removal it looks like

    • Shmo

      Totz!! The whole thing screams photoshop

    • WonderWhy

      Give this dude some props for making an actual comment

  • dhehdh

    most of them are not busty by today's standards. just relatively well developed. but still fine.

  • Mike

    very nice post

  • sid

    sad to say but 7 looks shopped two, the breasts look pasted on

    • Sid

      err that should be too, not two. damn

      • its_forge

        Yeah we know what two things you're lookin' at. LOL

        I dunno, those *could* be natural. A lot of these women are surgically enhanced but those just look like big boobs on a young woman who hasn't suffered the tragedy of gravity yet.

  • its_forge

    #4 is what Carrie Fisher was talking about when she said you could "see all the way to Florida" past the rigid outfit in ROTJ that didn't conform to the shape of her wonderful hips and tummy. Some of those Muppeteers got to see what a lot of us teenaged geeks wished we could back then…

  • 22ftw

    22. Yes. That is all.

    • Tech Guy


    • Just Me


      • Thedoor

        Is this Selena Gomez ??

  • Ken

    Whos the first girl? You get an internet cookie!

  • ddiddlydoo

    Boobs will always win.

  • Beau

    #7 is the angle of dreams. I've seen busty women lay at that angle, and the camera always does them justice. They sit just right and man, it's a sight to behold.

  • Terry Burke

    hot women and all but only a handfull have big racks. when i see a post that implies huge boobs it would be nice if they all had huge boobs

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    ahh shit….that's all i got….ahh shit…..Caffeine has not kicked in yet and im looking at racks…

  • ase3

    I choose 26, please have her waiting for me in my limo

    • Just Me


  • tommybhoy

    10…that's a big cup size B)

  • king

    22 ftw

  • Equalizer

    So many boobs, so less time….

  • Darth LOL

    #21 Reminds me of Jessica Rabbit…in a good way.

  • Jesse Bronson

    Some reason I really like #4

  • Bar in Seattle

    Whoa! So many favs…#4, 12, 15, 20, 22 and honorable mentin for #27. Good work, Chive Dudes!

  • Shopper

    #20 smoking hot

  • IceTea

    Ha, the middle one in Nr. 11:
    "Ohmygod, a camera! Quick, lets make a duck face!"

  • Pinchy


  • Kagawa

    4,12 and 22 EPIC *rawr* 🙂

  • Luke

    Adriana Lima, really?

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