Photoshop this!

Attention Chivers, use this photo of the First Family and send us a photoshopped pic back to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. These do not have to be "good" to be posted, they just have to be awesome. See example below. God speed.
UPDATE! We've gotten a few hundred submissions, so we're going to shut this bitch down. Check back tomorrow for the entire post.

  • Firstly


    • Firstly

      I would just like to thank my mum, my dad, the team at chive, all the Trolls on the internet and my superior alarm clock for alowing me to gain this prestige award of the 'first' comment

      • Wooosh

        you forgot to thank me man, not cool

      • WonderWhy

        Dude, you get a thumbs up from me every time. I love it!

    • dave32891

      you do this a lot. im pretty sure no one likes you

    • Raul Duke

      Man, your life must suck.

  • jordan

    These do not have to be "good" to be posted, they just have to be awesome. See example below.

  • gucci online

    I want the sad

  • Motoring SOB

    First non-douche bag

  • Terry Burke

    soooo they stand on the moon in safety as they watch the world burn? what a dick

  • Benny

    Obama: Joe, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
    Joe: F@#$ off!

  • stafferty

    I don't have the time or patience to photoshop but let me make a few suggestions:
    Horde of Zombies
    Wave To Sad Sandwich Keanu
    "First Family, Now With Karate Chop Action!!!"

  • a

    Yeah… I hope this bombs. It'd be nice to not have a site ruined by the inevitable political comments to follow.

  • Marcos Haubert

    haha fail… unless we were experiencing an eclipse the first family shadow would never be going towards the earth… silly photoshoppers

    • No1Ass&DickLicker

      Thanks Steve Hawkins, glarrrrrbbbbslurrurupppppppppppp moomomomomomomomomo

  • Equalizer

    This is suppose to be "Your" job not us. We are here to slack time…

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i suck at photoshop… can somebody do a Hitler motorcade and make it look like they are giving the "heil hitler"?!?

    • Hwrd_strns_pns

      Sent that one in about 10:45 this morning…we'll see if it makes it.

    • Bud Ugly

      I thought of this idea as well. I was looking at pictures on Google of Hitler either on a podium or on a motorcade so that I could do them doing the Heil Hitler salute… but then I thought it wouldn't be posted and decided not to do it.

      • J45

        I sent two in his morning . Bo=Fascist

        • dickus_bigus

          hitler podium…done!

  • The Dude


    I'll do it if they actually post the ones I submitted. Hell, if they post any.

  • Texan and Proud

    Add a tow truck to show that Marine 1 is being repoed.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      lol!!!! thats a good one!!

  • leo_c

    Crap i submited a Hitler one maybe shoud try the one with the imperial walker

  • Wild E. Coyote

    How about just one BIG dollar sign.

  • top dog

    Photoshop? this should be a caption. "BA-BYEEE!!!!!!!

  • sock puppet

    Pic #2: I like the way you made Biden's head actual size.

  • beebeebee

    Nice Stripper Boots Mrs. Biden?

  • Pancake

    definitely have to make the helicopter the millennium falcon instead

  • J45

    I don think they are going to post them. I think they put it out their and we took it and ran with it. Im sure every entry was negative. Why hasn't this been updated ? Lefties always protecting lefties.

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