These chicks are awesome at being gigantic (39 Photos)

  • Nick

    Attack of the Na’vi!
    To me, this is what bbw should be.

  • Kevin

    39 is shopped and 24 is not a tall woman, the guy is has deformed legs…


    imagine how heavy their periods are! LOL

  • cdnalor

    I might take a run at couple of them…

  • Jojo

    Is it still considered "upskirting" if you're just looking straight ahead O.o

  • Anonymous

    some shopped… some amazing

  • Buffet

    They may all be taller than me – but NOT wider!

  • DaddyD

    Screw and motorboat at the same time. Awesome!

  • Northman

    #14: I'd climb her like a tree… A tree I would then have sex with.

  • Gandalf..

    its awesome u dont have to bend your knees to reach the right places…;)

  • chodenipples

    The only thing I could think of is throwing a toothpick into a volcano, and parking my bicycle in a hangar.

  • Zqz

    Marfan syndrome is not hot.

    Exept #35 and 39, in which case it is pretty hot.

  • TallRussianChicks

    Wow. Those are some tall ladies.

  • Julian

    24 is amazing. I’d so date that

  • Kevin

    Where are those ruffies and my step ladder????

  • Htownpunk

    This post is just plain disturbing……..

  • Merovingian

    #2 and #17 can get some good snoosnoo off me

  • Daniel Lu

    29 is just unfair..

  • top dog

    As a man, I can say I love tall sexy ass women…… and short sexy ass women….Hell, I like all women. Big klondyke women is another story. Give me a ladder and I'll give em a try.

  • Andrew

    Dude some1 give me there names ..>.> CMON GET SOME1 ON THE JOB STAT I need 39,35,36,7,7, and 2. ANd why isnt DEnise milani's site working.

  • ellie

    the first one looks like boudicca

  • Gus

    #11. The lady at the table is noticing the same thing I did "Socks with strappy heels? WTF?!?"

  • Daniel

    I wonder if it’s ALL that’s bigger? Hmm…

    *Hello?.. Some one in here?..*


  • schango

    something seems off about #39

  • A.R

    gotta climb that mountain baby!

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