Captions, making funny photos hilarious (31 Photos)

  • Batze

    the thing about #21 that she really has AIDS and got sued for not telling her sexual partners before they had sex ! her name is Nadja Benaissa from the german Girlband No Angels. goggle it !

  • why

    #12 saw a kid do that once and finish it with a face plant

  • kevguy

    #29 sucks, i didnt think chive posted shit like that.

    • fishy

      Shit like what. I almost pissed myself from laughing.

  • Brad

    #31 — That's Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

  • beardmanly

    this is the first post i lol'd at in a while. hell it's the first anything on the internet i lol'd at in a while.

  • xxausxx

    19 looooooool

  • miami

    That's because you're probably a fag,'s funny

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  • Lauren

    Ah, this made me snort with laughter

  • Buffet

    #8 is UNCOOL. It's also blasphemy. TAKE IT DOWN!

    • I.P. Freely

      I hope that's a joke/sarcasm otherwise you can fuck right off.

      • Buffet

        Mr. "Freely": A word to the (hopefully) wise – You never really know WHO you're communicating with on these forums, behind the usernames and avatars. Please disregard my last reply to you. What I'm trying to impress on you, is that there are those who are fully capable of locating you, confronting you, and teaching you some manners, in whatever way they see fit! In this day and age, it's not very hard to find someone, if you really want to. Shooting off your big mouth, with no means of backing it up might one day get you into a world of trouble! Hopefully, in the future, you'll temper your comments with better judgement, lest harm befall you. With that said, I am immediately terminating my subscription to the Chive. I wish you all the best. P.S. Grow up.

  • Buffet

    If that's directed at me – then we need to 'discuss' it in person.

  • mr.d.

    19 is this dave chappelle ???

  • Patient Chiver

    Last!!! Also, FUCK YOU kater!!!!

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