• Douche Nozzle


  • mattythegooch

    if THIS and Justin Bieber are the future of music……we are FUCKED!!

  • stafferty

    As long as it gets rid of Auto Tune I like it

    • BabyMistakes


  • Ryan

    Amazing… how long till Apple copy's this?

  • MiPo

    Another tool for talentless hacks to make music with…..How about you get a Les Paul, spend years practicing and then make some music……

    • Homesteader

      I suppose you make music with your Les Paul?

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        I actually make sweet, sweet love to it…Music is just our offspring….. Then I distort my Ernie Ball's and Fender's and fuck the shit out of them, Drink a Blacktooth Grin while I let the guitars recover and then I repeat…..Any other questions??

        • Shopper

          Yeah ever get a splinter?

          • MiPo_TheGoaT

            well, this one time at band camp…

    • sandman

      That's actually why they make different GENRES of music. Imagine if all any artist did was sit down with their srat or sg. The world would be full of monotony.

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        yes, but computerized instruments and synthesizers cannot reflect the artists emotions the way other instruments can

        • Queue

          I could not disagree more.

          I don't know what electronic music you're listening to base that off of (house, rave maybe?), but there are a wealth of musicians out there that make spectacular music with all kinds instruments besides conventional ones.

        • methodx

          umm you're an idiot. go watch NASCAR.

          • MiPo_TheGoaT

            Ugh, you really hurted me…fai schifo pezzo di merd

            • wop di doo

              Va fa Napoli!

  • mikewiseshowinterns

    i think its called the iSphere

  • Pap Smear Ribbon

    Shouldn't technology be finding ways NOT to produce more crappy techno?!

  • greg_wire

    I saw something about this thing on PBS a few years ago. there's nothing special about it, it's expensive as hell and virtually anyone can make music with it, but is the music good? does it relate to the masses? i think it's just a shiny toy that will just clog up the sound waves with meaningless robotic music.

    i think it's a cool device but i wouldn't want to watch it in concert… just some guys playing with blocks on stage doesn't sound that invigorating.

  • This guy

    Well EDM is becoming the popular music of our country slowly but surely. Look at all the massive raves that are being thrown in our country now. You may not like the sounds, but that doesn't make it shit music. It absolutely relates to the masses. It's no different than a dj messing around on his decks or laptop, while makeing a crowd of 50 thousand dance their asses off all night. Learn to not be so damn judgemental and try something new every now and again. You may just be surprised but what tickles your fancy

  • bob

    EDM is definitely not becoming THE popular music of our country. Popular, sure… but then so is Justin Bieber… Music is more than just taking various sounds and putting them together in rhythm. Like a vibrating chair cannot replace a skilled masseuse….. a computer will never replace the soul of a true musician.

  • You

    It's a cool interface, but this is all preprogrammed stuff. Not the future of music at all.

  • sander

    pretty cool

  • its_forge

    Dull crap. If Crystal Method don't need it then neither does anyone else.

  • Niz

    If forwhatever reason i came across something like this, I'd play funky noises and music for all of 10 mins… then be bored with it and find some good music.

  • Zac

    Jawdropping. Maybe not the best for serious music making, but it would be awesome at parties.

  • Jim

    I like how everyone is pissed it's the future already…

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Hmmm, alright

  • cheesus

    fuck that gizmo, its just a hyped version of a kaospad. pick up a real instrument, fags

  • Justin

    Don't you love how most (not all) of the people that bash this type of stuff can't even play an instrument themselves? I think it would be awesome to see a DJ perform live with this. I saw the Chemical Brothers this year and they have 3 giant racks of synths, drumpads, filters etc and then a giant mixing board and what not: it was phenomenal

  • Matt

    It would be a shame if we were all the same, but you folks who don't get dance music are just missing out on some great fun. And if playing an instrument requires the use of your hands to manipulate an object to make sounds then it sure looks like some people are playing an instrument in that video.

  • Nate

    Hey now, why should music making be limited to those with "traditional training"? The truth is electronic music still takes considerable knowledge and skill to produce. I say this as a man who plays technical instruments but makes electronic music as well. We can be disparaging to other people's expression, but that would only serve to put us on par with the assholes who oppress us. Also, that thing is awesome 😮

  • EmAychCay

    My buddy got the iPad app. Pretty damn cool. Also, expensive.

  • TAC67

    I thought it was supposed to make music – not this aural assault and unoriginal sampling.
    If only it was used for something good

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