Real houses gone fairy tale (30 Photos)

  • Stupendous

    man…don't know whether this is cool, or just weird….

    • Wooosh

      how about both!!

  • Danelizer

    Most of the pictures are from a theme park in the Netherlands, called the "Efteling".
    There's a forrest with all sorts of fairytale-scenes in it.

    • Semper

      I want to go there!!

  • noobChiever

    Building number 4, I've been there!

    • Steve Shaw

      Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton Lakes National park. It's a dump.

  • Shmo

    20 haha really?

    • Naughty

      Yes, right in the heart of the magical, mysterious land of east LA

  • alter-ego

    Most pictures are indeed of a theme park in the netherlands and aren't real houses. Also, on some of them you see people, who are in fact just puppets (eg #27)

    #30 looks for me as the haunted mansion from another team park, in belgium.

    #18 and #11 are buildings from parc gruell in barcelona, spain, designed by gaudi 😉 (and were indeed mentioned as real houses)

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Thinking the designers of these houses may have been pharmacologically altered….or just plain high…

  • stafferty

    Am I the only one who sees these houses and nly think "God I would hate to sheetrock a place like that. It sems like some of them don't even have any right angles.

  • babarm87

    #2 is a few blocks from my house. word on the street is that it was built by one of the munchkins from wizard of oz and that it now belongs to shia labeouf's midget mother.

  • Equalizer

    Where's Disney Land?

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  • andyb

    #30 is in Eureka, CA and I have MANY photos of it.
    You MISSED a great one, although it isn't a HOUSE. It's the pro-shop at the Willowick Golf Course in Santa Ana, CA.

  • Eddie

    14 is in Vancouver, BC Canada. On Prince Edward street. I see it on my way to and from work every day.

  • bubble_rider86

    must find and inhabit immediately!

  • ShadowCorp

    No.8 Looks like a part out of Fable…..o.0 I'd love to see some of these up close.

  • walter

    # 2 tujunga california bitches!

  • Grown up enjoying De Efteling

    12, 13, 23 and 27 _are_ fairy houses, from the themepark “De Efteling” in The Netherlands. Not real houses, just animatronics in there.

  • Mollee

    I've had house want over 19 for a long time. I'm sure it wouldn't fly in this land of McMansions. I can wish though. Here's the story behind it:

  • DCM

    Number 30 is the Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA.

  • CC

    I am CC and I am so surprised at those lovely houses they r so nice. I wish I could live in one of those houses I don’t know any facts about any of them sorry guys but I have seen the pink 1 in a movie once it looked so similar. So any way there so nice am I the only one that loves them ????????????

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