A Chiver asked us to ‘define awesome’. Here’s Part 1 of the answer (46 Photos)

Ricky M. emailed us and asked us to 'define awesome once and for all'. Here at theCHIVE, 'awesome' is serious business and this deserved a serious answer. Part II of our answer tomorrow. Here's to you, Ricky.

  • total

    it's hard to pull off the legs-spread pose without looking slutty. 46 has flawless execution

    • ssss9999

      looks pretty slutty to me.

    • jroy

      Agreed but isn't slutty sometimes really awesome, besides she defines super awesome hot!

    • joeoby

      Yeah, but I want to see the, high res, UNairbrushed version in all it's natural beauty.

    • T-ray

      She pulls of the slutty pose with ease! That girl is definitely awesome!!

    • Moose

      who is she?

  • uber guy

    For the sake of argument, if you could only choose one, who would it be? Most thumbs up shall be declared the winner:

    • Poppin Fresh

      If I choose #12 do I get all of them?

    • furthy

      The concept of #45 is incredibly sexy, even though not too much is shown off.

    • Boris


      • cookie

        #19 All Day LONG!

    • Lev

      To her father I would offer a dowry of 4 dozen heads of stout oxen, many acres of fertile beehives, and a full season's storehouse of grain.

    • Amp

      #31 love the tattoos

    • Cudaman

      23 hands down

    • Chivemaster


    • shuette

      Mainly because it so simple but yet beautifully erotic.

    • yup

      #25 Cuddly and natural, love it!

    • blah

      43 by far…god i love red heads

    • Rob


    • Mike

      19!!! 13, 9, 29, 30… damn… I guess I went over the "which ONE" hahaha!

  • Mek

    I'll take whichever one you guys want. I'm not picky.

    • tommybhoy

      Can i haz girl in pic 1 plzzz

      • Dj Jeffe Con queso

        I call 16!

  • Steven Baker

    I mean some of these girls are decent, but I'm seriously not overly impressed. Thumb me down I don't care

    • Canucker

      Dude, you are either

      #1 – Extremely good looking with a horses cock able to get any chick on earth
      #2 – Gay as fuck

      • SweetAwesomeness

        i would say ultra mega super infinite gayness

      • Silver

        #3 – A woman (granted, the username suggests otherwise, though that doesn't mean much on the Internet). But I can't say I'm too impressed with their definition of awesome either.

    • jroy

      Well he ain't gay cause even gay men think hot chicks are hot and lets be honest the odds of this guy being attractive and hung are less than extremely likely. F this for being a fag (and by fag I mean loser)

    • kikiklass

      the only one I can't see as awesome is 33. She has no ass and is too covered to make out anything else, so why? Other than that I'm impressed!

      • Ray

        #33 is January Jones from Mad Men.

    • Shane


  • akajako

    I'd like to see moar from #23 but don't know how without making this site NSFW…

    • Nibs

      google front mag, u'll find hundreds of shots like that and 46

    • Chris.topher

      Sammy Braddy, in case somebody doesn't know

  • comlink

    I only got to 13 because the glass on my monitor melted.

  • Beau

    I am satisfied with this level of awesome-osity.

    • tommybhoy

      And am praying part 2 will make me explode 😮

  • spanky

    ask the chive a simple question and they respond with 46 photos like this. yeah, the chive is at the top of their game right now.

  • Jason

    Well said Chive…..well said.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    Heading home to change my pants!!

    Who am I kidding…..I'm not wearing any. Skeet.

  • goposaur

    43 ftw I love ginger

  • Mighty Fetta

    Narrowed down to 9, 13 & 21

  • markkens

    So many winners but I really like 13's work ethic.

  • keithp420

    office door is locked, phones are off the hook, let the Fap commence!

  • McBeastie

    Damn you Chive! I have nothing negative to say about this post!

  • Jonathan

    #21 – no makeup = hot.

  • nojunk

    awesome would be HI-RES versions of these images B)
    [thumbs up if you agree]

  • http://www.facebook.com/letom.lapierre Le Tom Lapierre

    Ok, I'm not sure if I want to see part II cause I'm afraid to be disappointed. It's difficult to top what you just did Chive, you know that?
    And #13 FTW

  • pingpong

    awesome would be #43 serving me the ice cream. and by serving me i mean slathering that ice cream on her body and me licking it off! Hey-yo!!!!!

  • Htownpunk

    Well Chive, your definition of Awesome definitely won't be getting any arguments from me.

  • wyatt22

    Most epic Chive post of all time.

  • ROK


    • Drew

      If that is all it takes for you, I feel sorry for you. With the exception of a couple, it is a weak ass post.

  • Rick

    All extremely beautiful. But I found myself taking a long pause and just staring at #43. Anyone else?

    • Brian

      Yes. I'm not sure why…I think it's the yogurt

    • Drew

      Uhhhh NO

    • theleafs

      when I think hot, it's usually not red hair and freckles, but she's definately smokin'

  • greenerblues

    I concur. Well done sirs, well done.

  • John

    #45 had me unable to stand up from my desk…

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