A Chiver asked us to ‘define awesome’. Here’s Part 1 of the answer (46 Photos)

Ricky M. emailed us and asked us to 'define awesome once and for all'. Here at theCHIVE, 'awesome' is serious business and this deserved a serious answer. Part II of our answer tomorrow. Here's to you, Ricky.

  • tictac

    Buaaaaaaaa I just want to cry really….hate to be 40, fat and ugly!

  • Roberto

    Come on Chive!!! I have to work!!! how can i do that if you keep putting up these kind of posts!!!!! AWWWWesomeeee

  • TD1

    Has noone else seen number 35??? Surely the best, anyone got a name?

  • n1ghtstalker

    Oh yes, hi… I would like a 19, side order of 26 and I would like a drink of 43 from a furry cup!

  • Jasq

    Fail, you are missing Barney Stinson.

    To applaud awesomeness without mentioning Barney Stinson is to betray awesomeness at its very core.

  • Huh

    This post is freaking unreal!

  • billthewelder

    1 not really awesome but more pretty hot and 7 ruined it with that cigarette, seriously that shits out of fashion and is as attractive as duck faced jersey girls the morning after.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nels0nCosta Nelson Costa

    *sigh* Now that i saw this, i believe angels do exist.. :$

  • Mark

    Does anyone notice there are not many, if any, silicone enhanced ladies in this post? Awesome is the word!

  • Maddog

    Jesus! that's alotta HPOA!!!!!!!!!! Who says God's not a man?

  • http://www.facebook.com/elgeeramirez Lg Ramirez

    # 37 and #45
    These are what you call perfect captured moments. Picturesque, sexy, detailed, and gloomy at the same time.

  • Andrew

    I thought it was just me! I'm usually not attracted to redheads but daaaamn! #43 is Whooooa!

  • Abynormal

    leave out the couple random duckfaces and we're good

  • Stan

    Maybe the best Chive post ever. Can't wait part 2 😀

  • Alkaline Duo

    This gallery isn't fair. It pains me to see so many unattainable hotties in one place.

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    Awesome John ,THE REAL MEANING for the word

    Hey # 13 ,I'd kill my neighbor just to date you tonight and all the nights .Hot as hell

  • Maxwerm

    #12 wins. She's def the hottest.

  • Ellis

    Sooo puurrrrrdy.

  • ricky

    44. nice booty

  • http://www.ynotshare.com/19491/the-a-cero-mobile-home-turns-a-red-neck-into-blue-blood-8-hq-photos/ The A-Cero Mobile Home turns a red neck into blue blood (8 HQ photos) | Y Not Share

    […] AM PDT Yesterday, one of our Chivers wrote us an email asking us to, ‘Define Awesome’. This was our response. However, we decided that defining true awesomeness requires a two-part answer. […]

  • BigD-UK-

    Part 1 wins. That is all.

  • 1337

    16 is THE most beautiful.

  • HAhA


  • Emily

    I came looking for awesome, and I got women in various non-outfits in various poses.

    I feel cheated.

  • Joey

    I just Crtl+D on this

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